{Annual camping at Mason, TX // Labor Day weekend}

This past weekend was our 5th annual camping trip to Mason, TX for Labor Day weekend. We have been going every Memorial Day and Labor Day with the same group (plus new additions along the way) since Mason was just four years old. And with each trip, we love it more and more. This trip was a little more special because Nate's best friend (& his family) since he was just five years old was able to join us!! They recently bought a camper and Mason TX wasn't too far from them! We were so ecstatic they were able to join us and hope this was just the first trip of many!

We checked Mason out of school around 10:30 on Friday and got on the road around 11:45. We had a fairly easy drive and only hit traffic around the Waco area. We got to the campgrounds around 4:15 and couldn't wait to see our friends! We went straight down to their camper {only 3 down from us} to hug their necks and say hello! It had been way too long since we've gotten to do that. The kids all said hello and the rest was history! They played so hard and were inseparable all weekend. It was great! We all finished unpacking and then hung out the rest of the evening. We had supper and caught up while the kids played their little hearts out! We ended the evening with s'mores!

The next morning Mason was up and out the door before 9 am. That has to be some kind of record for him on a Saturday in Mason, TX.  He had a little motivation to get out of bed a lot earlier than normal...

We ate breakfast and hung out before deciding we wanted to go play in the river for a bit. Trent took his drone and got some awesome footage of the Jeep! I am now and forever obsessed with drone footage. The kids had a blast playing in the river and chasing tiny frogs!

After the river, we went back to the campgrounds to join the rest of the group in a fish fry! I love our community suppers under the lights!

Sunday we decided to go into Fredericksburg for a little shopping and lunch. Our wait time at the restaurant was an hour so the kids & husbands busied themselves by playing in the little arcade! The dads won them all a magic trick and mustache each. There were extra mustaches so all of the kids and the ladies had them on while we walked to our table. And, our table just happened to be all the way at the back of the restaurant. It was hilarious! After lunch, we hit up Luckenbach, TX....where Everybody's Somebody!

Tiny as it might be, visiting Luckenbach never gets old!! They've added on since we were last there so it was really neat to see. There were a couple guys playing on stage {Walt Wilkins & Josh Grider and a couple others}. I wish we would have gotten there earlier to get a good seat because I love live music and I love Josh Grider! But, we bought the t-shirts, mailed postcards, took several pictures and were leaving just as the thunder started up.

We went back to the campgrounds to regroup and then several of us took the kids to a Topaz mining ranch. It was a total bust, but the kids had a blast finding small rocky treasures.

After our topaz treasure hunting we headed back to the campgrounds for supper. We ate, hung out and chatted and watched the rest of the OU game - BOOMER SOONER!!!! The kids got to roast marshmallows again! It was a great night.

Monday was pack up and go home day. Womp. Womp. I captured a couple of pictures before we said our 'see ya laters'!

I can't wait for our next adventure!

And of course, a short video of our trip.

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