I recently shared 15 activities to do with kids while camping. And I wanted to share 15 more. We love camping and finding new things to do with Mason each time. Camping is one of our favorite things to do as a family. It's such a great bonding time!!

⛺ go canoeing/kayaking
⛺ clean-up the area around the campsites
⛺ wittle sticks {with adult supervision, of course}
⛺ play games outside; hide and seek, bean bag toss, I spy, flash-light tag, etc.
⛺ hang a swing from a tree or climb a tree
⛺ search for gems around the campsites
⛺ look up things that are unique to that area and go do it!
⛺ make a maze out of sticks
⛺ make mudpies
⛺ make a walking stick
⛺ find and tumble river rocks
⛺ make tin can lanterns
⛺ build a shelter
⛺ make campfire desserts
⛺ make a nature windchime

What are your favorite things to do while camping?

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