{Five on Friday // Mustache, dove hunting, Grand Friends, On Target Time}

Happy Friday! It's always the short weeks that seem to feel the longest. Am I right? I'm just glad it's Friday!! We have a busy, but good weekend ahead of us and I'm ready to get it started. I love spending time with the ones I love most! But for now, a little Five on Friday...

{O N E} // Fall-like temps in the morning 

Every morning this week has been in the 70s and giving us a little teaser of fall. While it only lasts a couple of hours you know I bask in all it's fall like glory while I can!! I am so over these 100+ degree days and so ready for cooler weather, all things pumpkin, soups, flannels, all the cozy, etc. I'm so glad college football has started up, but it's just so much better when the temps are cooler. Anyhow, one day it was barely 70 degrees and this shirt just felt right...

{T W O} // Mustache kid 

Mason must have had a really long school day on Wednesday because, well, he grew a mustache!! I smiled so big when I saw him walking to the Jeep with a mustache on! I also love how he's unapologetically himself. He makes my heart smile.

{T H R E E} // Park Date

I needed some time with my boy after school & work one day and decided to take him to an old park in our town. It might have been 103 degrees, but we still had a good time. Luckily the park is in a shady part of town so the playground equipment wasn't terrible. We spent about 20 minutes there until we decided we were parched and needed water and air conditioner.

{F O U R} // It's dove hunting season

Our neighbor invited Nate and Mason over to his property one evening for some dove hunting. Mason stayed a lot longer than I expected and said he had a good time with his dad. He didn't get a bird, but Nate got one after Mason came back. Of course, I had to grab some pictures of them before they left.

{F I V E} // Goodies with Grands

Mason's school invited all of the Grandparents to the school for breakfast on Thursday morning! Mason was so blessed to get to have three of his Grandparents join him. When we walked in there was a sign that said "Welcome Grand Friends". Cute right? I only stayed long enough to take a few photos and then I let Mason enjoy his Grandparent time.

{B O N U S} // OnTargetTime

My sweet friend Keri over at Life on Back Forty started a Target Instagram and asked if I'd like to help her with it! We are two moms that are absolutely obsessed with Target, so it's a no brainer. We'd love for you to give us a follow over there - OnTargetTime

Happy weekend!

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