{Board and Brush // Make and Take}

Last Thursday Mason, Michelle and I went to an event at Board and Brush. One Thursday a month all of the shops on the square stay open late (until 8:00pm) for a ladies night. Board and Brush also host a "make and take" event on that night. For $15 bucks you can choose from about 10-15 different things. We have been wanting to try Board and Brush for the longest and this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

We went right at 5:00 to try to beat some of the crowd. It was a good choice because it filled up quick! The original plan was for Mason to just help me with my sign, but once we got there that flew out the window. He wanted to make his own project. And? I'm so glad he did. He has the best time and loved every second of it. He chose the three little ghosts as his project and he did so well! Michelle and I knew we wanted to do the "Broom rides" sign before we even got there. I mean...how cute is it?

Mason hasn't stopped talking about how much fun he had! We will most definitely go back soon. They have an adorable Christmas countdown I want to make!!

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