{Little Letters // Vol. 7}

It's the 2nd Friday of the month which means it's time to link up with Kristin at Taz and Belly for Little Letters!! Every month I love this link-up a little more. To read my past Little Letters click H E R E. It feels so good to get these random little thoughts out of my mind each month! Here are my letters for this month...

Dear Jesus, I pray that You may be glorified in our season of waiting. Sanctify me and draw me closer to You.

Dear Husband, in one short month we will be celebrating 11 years of marriage. And in 4 short months we will celebrate 21 years total. I cannot imagine {nor do I want to} life without you. You are my Lobster and I love you so very much! Thank you for making all of my days so exciting.

Dear Mason, you are getting so big and tall lately. It makes me weepy. I sure wish I could find a way to slow these days down.

Dear Texas, I love you but why must you be so hot and humid? 110 and 50-75% humidity is miserable.

Dear Vacation Bible School, while we were only able to attend 2 days due to vacation we sure did have a good time! Nathan and I enjoyed working as well. It was so great to see all of those littles on fire for Jesus. I love our church so much!!

Dear NM and the Mountains, oh how I miss you!! I miss every little thing about you...the cooler temps, the very low humidity, the beautiful mountains, the slower pace of life, etc. Take me back!!

Dear Photobucket, ugh!!! I don't even have the words to say how frustrated I am with you. I've had to download hundreds of albums and over 7800 pictures since your little "pay $400 bucks or your picture links will be broken" thing. Not cool Photobucket, not cool.

Dear Blog, 119 posts and counting that I've had to update because of the Photobucket fiasco. It's time consuming and tedious, but I would be lying if I said I haven't enjoyed looking at all of the old pictures and memories we have made.

Dear Lexi & Diesel, 9 days without you was entirely too long. I kept finding my heart aching and missing you both while on vacation. I am so glad we decided to drive straight through on the last day so that we could get to you both sooner.

Dear Dr. Sweet, you are such a blessing to us. As a mama I couldn't ask for a better pediatrician for my son than one that talks to him about God, says she is praying for him, and tells him that she loves him. Oh how we love you Dr. Sweet!!! Your name couldn't be more perfect for you. I love that you give us both your mama advice as well as medical advice. Thank you for always taking time with us and never making us feel like you are rushing us through. You are the absolute best.

Dear Audible, I am falling in love with you all over again. I have been listening while working throughout the day. I am loving checking books off my list!

Dear Papa Jim and Memaw {neighbors that Mason adopted as Grandparents}, oh how we are going to miss you guys. We were so sad while on vacation knowing that when we got back you guys would be gone. We love you guys so much and hope you guys love your new home at the lake. Thank you so much for leaving us your Smoker. Nate can't wait to cook up some meals on it!

Dear New Neighbors, welcome to the neighborhood! We can't wait to meet you guys. The previous owners {above} told us all about you and how they think we will get along great.

Dear Weekend, bring it on. It's been a long and busy first week back since vacation. I am exhausted and can't wait until 4:00 pm. Have a good one, friends!


  1. I get weepy when my kiddos grow too. Why so fast? Yay for vacation and coming home to VBS. I'm sure Mason had a blast. Wahoo for celebrating your anniversary! We celebrate 9 years the beginning of next month. Hard to believe.

  2. Having a fantastic doctor that you know and knows you and loves you deeply is such a blessing.

  3. That is so sweet about Dr. Sweet! Sorry the photobucket thing was bad for you. I had to fix a few images on my front page but that's all.

  4. I'm soooo thankful that I never used Photobucket for my blog. I've seen it wreaking havoc for everyone this last week and it makes me so upset for all of you. I hope you get everything cleaned up soon.

  5. Hey, found you through the link-up {& glad I did!}. That top letter is one I'm praying, too! Blessings!

  6. Always love these! I can't believe you've been together for 21 years. That's so amazing! And photobucket. Rude!

  7. Happy early anniversary! How old were yall when you got together? Four?! :)

    I've been thinking about doing the Audible thing but not real sure yet...

  8. OMG that heat!! I don't know if I could do it LOL! And what an amazing ped you guys have!! I LOVE ours too and it's an amazing feeling!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!