{Getting Outdoors with your kids}

Nathan and I are always looking for ways that we can spend time outdoors with Mason. The more we are outside the less he is inside playing games or watching Netflix on the iPad. Below are some ways to get outdoors with your children.

  • fly a kite
  • go kayaking
  • go fishing
  • play baseball, football, basketball, soccer or any other sport
  • play with sidewalk chalk
  • go swimming
  • go to a park
  • visit a splashpad
  • go hiking
  • go geocaching
  • play in the sandbox
  • explore nature and go on a nature scavenger hunt
  • make an outdoor obstacle course
  • go camping (even if it's just in your backyard)
  • stargaze
  • climb a tree
  • build a campfire
  • find leaves and make leaf rubbings
  • collect and paint pinecones
  • catch fireflies
  • play hide and go seek
  • plant flowers
  • make a birdhouse
  • wash the cars
  • go on a bike ride
  • play in the rain or rain puddles
  • take the dog for a walk
  • collect and paint rocks
  • watch the sunset
  • run through the sprinkler
  • have a water balloon fight
  • set-up a lemonade stand
  • find a creek to play in
  • make sun tea
  • play hopscotch
  • go on a bug hunt
  • throw a frisbee
  • plant a garden
  • jump rope
  • relax in a hammock
  • play with a water table
  • pull weeds
  • have a shaving cream fight
  • make a fairy/dinosaur garden
What is your favorite outdoor activity?

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  1. Love those ideas! We love being outdoors and are participating in the 300 hours outdoors challenge so I'm always looking for other ways to have fun outside.

  2. Great post! My son, 12, still lives outside! I have to make him come in at night!! He generally has a golf club in his hand! HA

  3. GREAT ideas friend. I bet you'd never guess our favorite way to play outside :P.

  4. My boys like bike riding but they get pretty hot!

  5. This is a great list, girl! So many fun ideas!

  6. Such a great list! We love the good old water table, riding bikes, and going to parks!

  7. Girl we must have been channeling brainwaves as I just did a list like this for a guest post! Love it!

  8. One of my favorite things to do as a kid was make mud pies! Is that strange?? You could always find my brother and I out in the mud after a good rain.

  9. Oh my word what a list! All about the being outside and doing the summer things these days!!

  10. We love just taking walks and chatting. Connor is at such a fun age that we can just walk around, explore and just have the best of talks.


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