{Month in numbers & One Sentence a Day // June}

I am super late posting about our June in Numbers {and everything else, thanks Photobucket!}, but better late than never, right? It has been a while since I have wrote a month in numbers post. While there is room for improvement, I did a decent job of documenting things this month. Here is a look at our month of June {2017} in numbers as well as one sentence a day for the month...

(picture of Lexi in turquoise) Pictures posted to Instagram. I am slacking on Insta lately. I am pretty sure this will change when we are on vacation. 

Blogs posted on Hall Around Texas this month.

Drafts posted (when this post goes live) and ready to go!

Teeth lost by Mason {after losing 3 in May!} I sure do love his little toothless smile right now. 

New tricks that Mason learned on his scooter. He recently got a new one with some birthday money and he is loving it.

Number of things we checked off of our Summer Bucketlist so far! Can't wait to cross off more.

Number of nights that Mason had night terrors. They are happening less frequently and for that I am so thankful!

Events we attended/helped with for church related things {carwash for the Youth, BBQ lunch fundraiser for the Youth, Bake sell for the Youth, 3 nights of VBS}.

Number of sleepovers Mason had this month. 

Playdates at our house

How many pounds Mason weighed at his 7 year well check {on 7/16}.

47 1/4
How many inches tall Mason was at his 7 year well check {on 7/16}.

How many years we have lived in our home! Moving here to this charming little town was one of the best things we did. We love it here! 

3 / 1 / 15ish / 1 / 2 / 1 / 2
Waterpark day - 3 waterslides, 1 obstacle course, 15ish laps around the lazy river, 1 surfing ride, 2 snow cones, 1 bucket of popcorn, 2 group pictures! Such a fun day.

Number of times we dyed Mason's hair. We went with a super light blue color. It didn't really work.

Number of tricks Lexi has learned {sit, shake, stay, laydown, give kisses}.

Approx. number of times I've had to take something out of Lexi's mouth this month!

1 - This puppy poops so dang much!
2 - Holy buckets of rain Batman!!
3 - Mason's birthday party went so well. {which reminds me I never blogged about it}
4 - "Consider it great joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you experience various trials" - James 1:2
5 - Pit party...table for one please.
6 - Oh Lexi, must you be so darn cute??
7 - I love my church family something fierce. 
8 - That midweek waterpark adventure was just what we needed. {never blogged about that either}
9 - Whoa Dad....are you really going to eat that? 
10 - That little nap sure was glorious.
11 - Lord please fill the hearts in this church with hope and your amazing love.
12 - Chalkboard art is not as easy as it may seem...yikes!
13 - Wait, it's Tuesday and not Wednesday??
14 - God is sovereign!!!
15 - Staying up past 1 am last night was a bad, bad idea.
16 - Dear Jesus, thank you for Dr. Sweet.
17 - I haven't sweated this much since I was in my sleeping bag. {Mason}
18 - Today was such a special day with the child dedication at church.
19 - Mason went to the movies with his Nana and I am so bored without him.
20 - What did I get myself into?!
21 - In one week I will be done with work for 11 days.
22 - I am finally getting my hair done today...hallelujah!!
23 - Praise Jesus that it's finally Friday.
24 - Just my luck that it starts pouring when I leave to get groceries.
25 - I am so thankful for little friends that come home with us after church.
26 - VBS day one is in the books!
27 - I am so blessed to be a part of a church that comes together for the kids and the community!
28 - Oh how I hate packing!
29 - It's freakin' hot in Post TX!! {109 degrees, felt like 139}
30 - Oh how I love the mountains and the weather in New Mexico is glorious!!

How was June for you?


  1. Wait, you have 25 drafts ready to go? What in the heck woman, that is AMAZING! Mason is just a couple of inches shorter than my giant Em. I THINK she is right around 49" but she has her well check in a couple of weeks. Some how hers always falls around her half birthday.

  2. You have TWENTY-FIVE drafts ready to go?! Goodness GRACIOUS! I WISH! Know how many I have? Zero. Haha.

  3. Mason is ahead of Simon on teeth lost now!

  4. Oh my word scooters make me so nervous! The kids go so fast! I sure do love these posts but where does the time go!?

  5. Yay for vacation!! And I cant wait to see you hair did ;)

  6. Wow! You guys had one heck of a month. Sounds like lots of fun. I can't believe how much Lexi has grown. Sweet girl!!

  7. Girl you were SO good at documenting June! I'm so impressed!
    Also, HOLY MOLY 25 blog posts drafted and ready to go? You are my hero.

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