{Never made the blog // Volume 1 // Bday, Well Check, Cops & Kids, Father's Day, Child Dedication}

My friend Sarah has been doing these posts on "things that never made it to the blog" and I have loved reading them. Life gets away from you so quick and then blog posts keep piling up. I have so many things that never made it to the blog, but I want them to. So, I thought this would be the best way to catch up. Here is a bunch of random things that never made this blog...

{O N E} Church/faith/promises
God has been working in our lives for over a good year now! Way back on 11/6/16 Nathan was saved, on 11/13/16 we were both baptized, and on 6/18/17 we dedicated Mason to the Lord. We are so thankful for the redemptive work He is doing in our lives.

{T W O} Mason's 7th Birthday Party
So I totally wrote Mason's 6th birthday party above and had to go back and change it! Back on 6/3 we celebrated Mason's birthday with all of his closest friends and family. We had his birthday at the same church as last year. They have an indoor playplace and having parties there is such a mama's dream! There's a hostess to help with set-up and take down and the party is limited to 2 hours. It's so easy! Mason decided on a shark theme for this year's party. I only have a few pictures of him opening gifts and blowing out his candles...I cannot find any of the actual decor or party pictures. They're not on my phone or memory card! Ugh! But, with the shark/beach theme we filled sand buckets with snacks, candy in a tackle box, had blue oceanwater juices for the kids, had pails of 'shark bait' {gummy worms}, and had ocean blue cupcakes with shark fins. I decorated the tables with inflatable sharks and beach balls, but the kids quickly took over those. It really was a cute party and now I am sad I have no pictures of it. Hoping they turn up somewhere!

{T H R E E} Hurricane Harbor with church friends
Back in June I took a random mid-week day off to spend some quality time with my sweet boy! It was so needed and such an amazing day. We were invited by church friends to go to Hurricane Harbor {a waterpark here in Texas}. It was crowded due to it being 'bring a friend free' for season pass holders, but we didn't let that stop us from having a wonderful time. Mason is my little water baby and would stay in the water all day if you let him. We both agreed that the lazy river was our favorite! I am so thankful I was able to have this time off to spend with my sweet boy.

{F O U R} Playdates
We've had several playdates with friends from church, but I only remembered to take pictures once. Our house seems to be the place all the kids want to come to. I am so okay with that and love it actually! This was the time I had two little prisoners loose on my property! ha. They had such a fun time and played so well together!

{F I V E} Mason's 7 year well check
Back on 6/16 we took Mason to his 7 year well check with the most incredible Dr. Sweet. It's always such a treat to see her and we always leave feeling blessed by her. She had a patient that required a little more attention before us so we had to wait a bit. We didn't mind. She is worth any kind of wait and it gave us plenty of time to scare Mason about how many shots he was going to get {he wasn't getting any} and for pictures! Dr. Sweet of course left us so encouraged about how well we are doing with Mason. She talked with Mason about God, said she was praying for him, kissed him on the cheeks and told him she loved him! How thankful we are for a caring doctor! We love how personable she is and how much time she spends with us. She makes us feel like we are her only patient and that's such a good feeling. We just adore her.

Mason's stats on 6/16
50.4 lbs
47 1/4 inches

{S I X} Cops and Kids Picnic
On 6/17 the police department hosted the first annual "Cops and Kids Picnic" at our favorite park in our town. They provided a free lunch, cotton candy, games, bouncehouses, facepainting, all kinds of booths like an airsoft range, had military vehicles for the kids to climb in and also SWAT vehicles. And if that wasn't enough they gave away over 100 {if I had to guess} bicycles to kids ages 2-18. They gave each kid a raffle ticket and then drew names for each stage of bikes.  They also gave away gift certificates and a grill. It was incredible! We can't wait until the next one!

{S E V E N} Father's Day & Child Dedication
Father's Day this year was such a special day for us! We went to church and had both sets of our families there with us. It was child dedication day at our church so they came for that. We were so thankful they came to witness us making a promise to the Lord to raise Mason up in church and in the word. I can't tell you how awesome church was that day! We loved having them. After church we went to lunch with my family at a little diner in the small town our church was in. It was nice! After lunch we came back home to do a few things before going to Nate's parent's house for supper. It was an amazing day!!

And if you made it through this whole post I owe you a coke!


  1. So fun friend! It is always nice to see all that is going on behind the scenes. Y'all have had a lot of really awesome things happening this summer. My girls have been begging me to go to a water park. We totally need to make that happen. Happy Friyay!

  2. Wahoo! I'll take my Coke. :) love everything you shared. Mason is growin up so fast. What a happy and healthy boy! So awesome that you all were baptized or dedicated to the church. Masonsbidhday looks like lots of fun and that cop day is awesome!!

  3. Such a busy time of year wow! And look at all the wonderful things you guys have done! I probably should have done this instead of a hundred separate posts weeks later lol!

  4. I love all of the things you've been up to. Such sweet photos and events!

  5. I love that navy dress you're wearing in that last picture. I have one in black that's almost identical and I have yet to wear it! You guys have had so many great things going on!

  6. Praise the Lord for salvation and eternity with Him! yay for the public commitment of baptism too, I love hearing people's testimonies. I was saved 11 years ago in April at 22! Love this post, so many fun things in one place! xoxo ERIN

  7. I love seeing you and the boys grown in your faith and walk with Christ. It's so wonderful to see His love and grace at work.

    You've had a busy Spring/Summer! But then again, you 3 are always on the go!

  8. Love it! You always have the best photos! I especially love the ones of Nate and Mason on Father's Day! And what a special day for a dedication! Thanks for the shoutout, friend!

  9. Love the format of this post. So true that little things seem to get away without ever making it to the blog. Love Mason's birthday pictures. Hoping the rest show up soon!


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