{He said what??}

It's been a while since I have done a 'he said what' post. Mason is one of the most witty kids I have ever met and he keeps us on our toes. I love to document the adorable and the hilarious {at least to me} things that Mason says on the blog so that I can read them when he's grown! I keep a note going on my phone so that I can compile them into one big blog post every so often. This one goes back all the way to September of last year.

Why does Santa have to be such a mystery? (11/2016)

God is VIP to the whole world right? Well, I mean to those that believe in him. (11/2016)

Dad can we please go to a poor country one day to give them water and real food and stuff? (12/2016)

Christmas is distracting me from going to bed. I'm so excited I can't sleep. (12/2016)

Why did Martin Luther King Jr get to skip high school grades? Can I do that? I'm already reading at a 4th grade level. Can I just skip to high school? (1/2017)

Praying at bedtime...Me: Mason, is there anything else you want to pray for? 
Mase: yo mama
Mase: no really I want to pray for your mom and the cruise ship. I pray that it doesn't tip over or hit a big rock.

Watching Titanic
Mom, Jack dies of hypothermia right? (I have no clue how he knew that or what that word meant)

Mom, why is the W called a double-u when it's actually a double-v? (1/2017 

Mom & Dad, I hope this world never changes to where people don't follow Jesus or they stop going to church. (2/2017)

Fishing with Nate...
Nate: Mason I am going to cast and then hand it over to you, okay?
Mason: I'm right here willing and ready, Dad.

Driving with Nathan somewhere...
Nate: Mason, do you know what tomorrow is?
Mase: What?
Nate: September 1st. Dove Season.
Mase: Why don't you do that much anymore? Not your thing anymore?
Mason didn't realize there are different seasons for hunting and that you can only do them during certain parts of the year. And right now all he knows is that his daddy loves fishing!

Mason came home from school with a mark on his folder so I was asking him about it...

Me: What were you doing in class that was inappropriate?
Mase: I was just talking about the Jokerland Lego set with a friend. That's all mom.
Me: Are you sure? Because the mark isn't for talking, it's for inappropriate behavior?
Mase: Well, that teacher doesn't give good advice because I don't even know what she is talking about.

Every morning we call Nate on our way to school from the Bluetooth feature from my car...
Me: Mase tell Daddy about the beautiful sunrise we saw this morning.
Mase: It was really beautiful, but not as beautiful as you mama.
Me: melting
Nate: That was really sweet of you, bub.

Anytime I do something for him...
Mase: That's my girl. That's my sweet girl.

One day after school we were talking about his day...
Mase: Mason makes muffins on Monday. That's called alliteration, Mom!

Talking about his teacher being out of school one day...
Mase: Mama, will Mrs. Morgan be back tomorrow?
Me: Yes sir!
Mase: Good, because that substitute was not very nice. I like Mrs. Morgan best.
Me: Is she pretty sweet?
Mase: Sweet as sugar. Like you. You're infinity sugar, Mama. Enough to cover the entire world. Even Australia! 

Talking about Mason's fundraiser at school...
Me: Mase we need to take Nana and Papa your fundraiser so they can take it to work.
Mase: Yea, because they like good old fashioned stuff.

Talking about school...
Mase: I'm friends with the coolest kid in our school. He knocks down all of the bowling pins when bowl in gym class.

Mason went on a field trip to watch a movie about China for Earth day...
Mom, that movie was so weird. Animals were pooping out babies. That can't be real. I mean, how does that even happen?
{can you imagine a bunch of first graders in a theater watching an animal give birth??}

What is the funniest thing  your kid has said lately?


  1. Oh my goodness. That Yo mama one was the best, EVER. He is so sweet and funny, just like my Emily.

  2. Oh my goodness this kid! The sweetest! And I agree about the W Mason. Totally. lol

  3. Why does Santa have to be such a mystery?!?! Lol. Jacob totally asked the other day why Santa/Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy only come to your house at night while you're sleeping. Haha.

  4. I love these. I wish I was better at collecting the things Simon says so I can update that series (I called it Simon Says, lol!).

  5. I love when kids use big or new words for the first time and use them correctly. It always impresses me!

  6. Oh my gosh... dying!! I want to pray for YO MAMA. Oh my goodness, sweet Mason!

  7. Kids say the funniest things! I really need to write down what the boys say!

  8. Hahaha....I'm loving these. I want to pray for Yo Mama is my favorite. I love the "That's my girl. My sweet girl."


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