{10 on the 10th // Daily Habits}

Linking up with Erin at Perfectly Port for this month's 10 on the 10th Link-up Party. This month's prompt is 10 daily habits. This post was fun to ponder on and write. I never really realized these daily habits before. Here are ten of my daily habits...

1.) Text Nathan with a "Good morning love" text to let him know I am awake and about to get my day started. We have done this for as long as I can remember.

2.) Check my Bible app and read the verse of the day. I love starting my day with scripture and truth. I usually always share the image for the verse of the day on Facebook because we all could use a little more Jesus...right? Facebook is usually filled with so much drama, sadness and hate so I like to spread the Love of Jesus when I can!

3.) Check and clear out my Yahoo email account. I can't stand for my email to be out of control. That little number on my phone {next to the app} that shows me how many unread emails there are drives me absolute batty. But now Gmail {blog email} on the other hand....I rarely check it on my phone because I cannot stand the gmail app. Anyone else? I wait until I get to my computer.

4.) Let Lexi out of her crate, love on her, take her out to potty and then feed her. When I wake up in the morning Diesel normally goes to Masons room and climbs in bed with him. He likes to sleep later. So he doesn't get up/out until after 10 am.

5.) Charge my iPhone when it dips below 90%. Another OCD of mine, I suppose. I just can't stand for it to not be fully charged.

6.) Check my Timehop App. I have a love/hate relationship with this app. I love to see all the memories we made, but it makes me sad to see pictures or videos of Mason as a baby. Time is such a theif!

7.) Spend time with Mason. While he's at home in the summer I still work full time. I like to carve out some time to just spend with him. 10 minutes here or there. And then the 2 hours we have before Nate gets home.

8.) Cook/eat supper. I go through good spurts of cooking at home and then sometimes I don't. When we get really busy we tend to eat out more. I prefer our evenings of eating at home and hanging out together!

9.) Have some time outside after supper. We like to get the dogs out and playing. Nate will throw the tennis ball for them or the neighbor dog comes over to play. This helps wear them out and get them ready for bed! Mason usually rides his bike or scooter and I take pictures!

10.) Lay down with Mason, read books and pray. This is probably my most favorite daily habit. That sweet time together is such a blessing to me. I love to hear the things and people that he prays for. He amazes me with how spiritually mature he is.

10 daily habits I wish I did more consistently...

1.) Make my bed
2.) Take vitamins {I hate taking pills of any kind!}
3.) Workout
4.) Have longer quiet time
5.) Stay on top of laundry
6.) Read
7.) Eat supper at the dinner table
8.) Pray as a family
9.) Cook more/eat out less
10.) Take the dogs on a walk {we normally just let them run around the 2 acres we have}

In other news...we are back from vacation! While being away was totally nice and needed I am glad to be home and to get back on a schedule. Although, I am overwhelmed with how much I need to catch up on. Vacation hangover is real, folks!! Oh and I came back to Photobucket removing all 3rd party hosting images and wanting a huge hefty fee to continue to do so. Thanks Stephanie for letting me know I had broken images! So now I have to go back and edit posts that I used Photobucket for so that my pictures will show. And I am pretty sure it's a lot. I know I used Photobucket for a good year or so. Ugh!!! So frustrating.  I hope you all had a fantastic week! Vacation updates to come!!


  1. That is so sweet that you text first thing in the morning. I know it helps keep you connected all day!

  2. I love the morning text!!! And yay for outside time in the afternoon- i could be way better at that!

  3. Photobucket can go someplace not very kind of me to say because come on!! Ridiculous!!!! Gah. Great set of habits you got there!

  4. man that is so annoying about the photobucket. I had a slight glitch on the blog side bar, but was fixed with Mr.'s help. That morning text is too sweet. We should do more outside, but after dinner it's just too late...too much to do and too little time.

  5. oh no on the photos that sounds like an awful headache :(. I love that you text him every day :). How sweet and isn't that time at night just precious. Oh man it fills the love tanks for sure! So glad you linked up and loved following along on your vacation on Instagram! xoxo ERIN

  6. Great habits!!! The text with Nathan is a great idea! I love the time you carve out for Mason.

  7. Oh Timehop. I never would have thought to add that to the list but that is definitely a daily habit of mine too. Love that you charge the phone so often. It is always best to be prepared.

  8. Great habits! Many on your I wish list are ones I wish I did more of too!

  9. What a sweet way to start your morning. I text my hubby some mornings when i'm particularly missing him but I should do it everyday. Willow likes to snuggle in bed with her boy, too. She's not much of a morning girl. I need to get better about blocking out time to respond to e-mails. I'm so horrible about that!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!