{A Re-introduction of Hall Around Texas}

Many moons ago I saw this type of post on a friend's blog and wanted to post one here. I have made so many new blog friends since I have done any kind of 'about me' post. So, a re-introduction of me and my blog was in order. Just some random tid-bits about me and this blog....

Name: Crystal
Age: 30's
Location: Small town Texas
Other Half: my high school sweetheart, Nathan. Working on our 21st year together.
Children: a seven year old little boy named Mason Lane and two fur babies - Diesel Gage, a 9 year old Yorkie and Lexi Lane, a 13 week old Yellow Lab. {yes, my pups are my children!!}

Working it: I am a Senior Account Manager for a List marketing/advertising firm. I work M-F 8:00 am - 4 pm and I am blessed to work at home full time. I worked at an office about an hour away up until almost 4 years ago when our owner so graciously let us start working from home. I truly do love my job, my boss, co-workers and the owner of our company. I am honored to be part of such a great team! 

Loves of my life: Jesus, my boys, my pups, friends, bible study/small group, photographs, worship music, traveling and road trips, old town squares, old hymns, adventures, the mountains, the little things in life, being a mom and a wife, family.

Favorite Food: salads & mexican food. Oh and pizza.

Standard Bar Order: Well, I don't go to bars but occasionally at a restaurant I will order a margarita. Usually it's just a water with a lot of lemons or limes.

Places I shop: We don't have many options out here, but Target, Maurices, Academy, Ross and Jc Penney are my go-tos. For groceries and household items I go to either Walmart or HEB. Do you have an HEB where you live? I love that place!! For everything else it's Amazon {what did we do before prime??}

Bedtime/Wake-up - I usually go to sleep somewhere between 9:30-midnight. Wake-up is 7:56am because it's summer and I only have to use the restroom, brush my teeth and walk into my home office. Glorious!!! Unless the pup wakes me before then. 

What I blog about: anything and everything! Life, travel, love, crafts, DIY, camping, Texas Rangers, Texas, what's on my heart, infertility, church, and Christmas time and the Fall are my favorites!

Why I blog: I started this blog as a way to announce to all of my family at once that we were expecting a baby. Since Nathan and I had been dating for so long and married for several years "when are you having a baby" was our #1 asked question. So, it was kind of a big deal. Then the blog evolved into my pregnancy journal, then all about having a baby, and now it's our family book! What I didn't know was how amazing this community is and the friends I would make from it. Amazing! just amazing!!

I am horrible at writing about myself, but H E R E are a few more posts about me.

Have you written a post like this? If so, leave the link in the comments! I want to read. Or tell me something about you. 

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  1. So fun reading more about you Crystal. I am totally with you on the food loves. We do not have a HEB here, nor do we have a Publix. Boo, hiss, boo! I hear both are amazing stores.

  2. Super fun! I know I just assume readers have been around since the beginning but clearly not the case! Hah! Happy Tuesday!

  3. I actually started a blog because I thought you had to have a blog to put stuff on pinterest, haha. Oops, guess not, but I've discovered so much about myself I never would have otherwise.

  4. 7:56 exactly? LOL. Great getting to know more about you!

  5. These are always fun to read because guaranteed you learn one more new fact :) Love you friend!

  6. HEB is the best grocery store chain ever!! I loved shopping there. I think it's one of the top 5 things I miss most about Texas.

  7. I loved getting to know you better! I learned a couple of new things!

  8. We have been married just over a year and get the baby question ALL the time! At our wedding our guest book was a "leave a message for our one-year anniversary" type of thing, and when I opened it back in April I found my dad's message to read, "Where is my grandchild?!?!" Lol

  9. Love love love getting to know you you better!!! Xoxo erin

  10. I love love this post!! I knew a lot of the things you shared, but enjoyed learning a few more. You are amazing my sweet friend! Love you lots! And heck yes your fur babies count. We love ours. :)

  11. Oh how fun!!! I love posts like this. Even though I read your blog often, I feel like these sorts of posts let you in on little tidbits that you might not know from a regular post. Like how we both love salads, Mexican food and pizza! Oh and Amazon Prime!

  12. This is so fun! I never knew what you did for a living, I just knew you got to work from home! I love old town squares, too! There is something so charming and quaint about them.

  13. Love this little re-intro! I'm so jealous you can work from home! We don't have HEB here!


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