{2017 Summer Bucketlist // Update #1}

Ohhhh sweet summertime! Time for an update to the 2017 Summer Bucketlist! We've already crossed 14 things off of our list and can't wait to do more! It's been such a great summer so far with so much more to live. I can't wait to see what other adventures we can get into! Today I am sharing 5 things off our bucket list {so this post doesn't get super long}.

{O N E} Go on a summer vacation
Check! We went to Ruidoso, NM for 8 days and had the most amazing time. I will have a more in depth vacation post {one of these days!}, but for now here are a couple of my favorite pictures from our trip.

{T W O} Attend and work Vacation Bible School
We only got to attend 2 days of VBS because it fell during the week we left for vacation. We loved those 2 days though! It went so well and we loved seeing all of the kids learn about our Jesus!

{T H R E E} Go swimming
We have had so many swimming dates! Mason absolutely loves the water and can't get enough of it. Little Lexi loves swimming too and has her own little pool {along with the other pups} at Nana's house!

{F O U R} Watch Fireworks on the Fourth of July
We kind of did this. I say kind of because we did watch fireworks, but it wasn't on the 4th of July. We were in the mountains on the 4th and couldn't see the fireworks from where there. We did see fireworks a few days later, though! And right from the comforts of our backporch.

{F I V E} Play in the rain/puddles
All of the kids love our house when it rains! We have a couple of places on our property where there is a dip and it fills with water when it rains. The kids love to play in those deep puddles! It's like a little pool for them! A rainy, muddy pool. lol.

🍍 Go on a summer vacation 
🍍 Attend and work Vacation Bible School
🍍 Go swimming
🍍 Visit the Farmer's Market downtown
🍍 Watch Fireworks on the Fourth of July
🍍 Play in the rain/puddles
🍍 Have an ice cream date at Farmluck Soda Fountain
🍍 Go on a roadtrip
🍍 Annual camping trip to Mason, TX
🍍 Family fishing night
🍍 Have a burger at Oma's Jiffy Burger
🍍 Throw Mason a birthday party
🍍 Go Geo-caching
🍍 Have a snowcone date at Ozzy's 
🍍 Go camping
🍍 Play at the splashpad
🍍 Teach Lexi basic commands {sit, lay down, stay, etc}
🍍 Visit a waterpark
🍍 Float the river
🍍 Get a Library card at a new library
🍍 Complete my summer photo checklist {2016 list here, new one to come} 
🍍 Read two books
🍍 Visit the Texas Truck Yard in Dallas
🍍 Celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary & 21 years total
🍍 Dedicate Mason at church

How's your summer going so far?

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  1. I love that Lexi has a pool at Nana's too. Sweetgirl. Mason playing in the puddles is so awesome!

  2. Fun! What a fun summer y'all are having so far!
    What camera do you use to capture the water pictures?

  3. Well it look like you are definitely making progress. I have discovered this year that ours just isn't getting tackled like it used to. It feels like we need less to do, or the girls are more content with just swimming. I dunno. Either way we are making memories and having fun. Happy Tuesday sweet friend.

  4. Where is Ruidoso is that beautiful white sand? I need to show it to my husband so we can hunt it down on our next trip!

    Looks like y'all have had a great summer so far. I hope you get many more things knocked off your bucket list! :)

  5. Love this sweet update and you are such a good photographer. Those ones with the sun and you jumping are amazing :)! Also, where did you get your darling striped black dress? It is so cute! xoxo ERIN

  6. Your Summer looks like perfection and it's not even over yet! When does Mason head back to school?

  7. Looks like an amazing time so far. The pictures from NM look like the moon! So cool!

  8. How'd you take such great firework pictures?! So bright and clear! Awe, Lexi sprawled out in her pool, so darling. Im so sad our summer ends in a week and a half :(

  9. You've done so many fun things! Your vacation looked like a blast!

  10. I love these pictures! I've never been to New Mexico, but it looks GORGEOUS there. Can't wait to see your recap!

  11. Looks like you are having an amazing time. You have done so much already and I love seeing all the pictures from it.

  12. I know personally I am really feeling the time crunch here! And we still have over a month left! It's all going too fast!

  13. Rainy muddy pools are the best kind ;)
    New Mexico looks gorgeous! I've never been there but I'd love to visit someday. Looks like you guys are making the most of this summer!

  14. the dog in the pool pic made my day for some reason!!
    your trip pics are stunning!


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