{He said what? V13}

August edition of Things Mason says...

{8/12} Driving home from school - 

"Mama, I didn't have a bad day and I wasn't busy today"


{8/12} In the bath and Mason hears the TV in the living room - 

"Mama, hurry and get me out...Duck Dynasty is on"


{8/16} Coming in from playing outside

"Freakin Dad!"

(no clue where he's heard this...not a phrase we use around him!)


{8/17} After being out of school for a long weekend -

"I need to go back to school and play with my friends. I bet they miss me"


{8/19} Riding home from school - 

"Mom you talk to dad. I'm tired of talking. I was busy at school today."


{8/20} The sun was just coming up and we could only see half of it -

"Why is Mr Sun going down?" - Mason

"It's not baby, it's coming up" - Me

"Oh, it's uploading?" - Mason



"My favorite colors are yellow, red and blue and your favorite color is pink" - Mason

"Is that right?" - Me

"Yep, let me see your fingernails" - Mason

I show him...

"See, I told you. Pink" - Mason


{8/22} Driving to school Mason kept saying "yeah" so I kindly reminded him about his manners and that "yes ma'am" was more polite...he says - 

"Well Mama, I forget those words sometimes"


{8/22} I was telling Mason that Daddy was going to pick him up early from school -

"But I want you to pick me up because you're my favorite" - Mason

"Why is Mommy your favorite?" - Me

"Well, because you're cuter" - Mason


{8/23} Getting donuts before school -

"Mama, I like to hangout with you"


{8/25} After being away from him Saturday night I was telling him how I missed him and missed cuddling with him -

"Mason did you cuddle with Nana?" - Me

"No, my Nana doesn't cuddle. Only you Mom. Only you cuddle me because you're special" - Mason

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  1. YES! I love the things he says. I also love how you are recording this and have pics to look back on.

  2. I {LOVE} that you write down what he says! I always thought it was a great idea to write them down! And Ive heard of people putting them in a cute container and printing them out into a book when they got older :)


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