{Five on Friday // Bribing for pictures // Park Dates // Best Friends}


I have to bribe my son to take pictures. Seriously. Otherwise he wants absolutely nothing to do with the camera. Not good for a photo-takin'-lovin'-mama.  

For this one?

Had to agree to run around actin' a fool so that he could "arrest me" while playing cops and bad guys! And? I didn't even get a smile out of it. Still cute, though,

For this one?

I had to pretend that I was a bad guy and that my camera was a gun.

He's so much fun!


I've talked on my blog before about Nate having to work 7 days a week for the last several months, but I've never went into depth why. Nate works for Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control and they've been working on a tactical vehicle prototype to repalce the humvee. They are 1 of 3 companies going after the bid from the government. This would be HUGE for his company! Anyhow, I can talk about it more now...I mean since it was on the news and all this week!!!!!!


Nate, Mason and I went to dinner last night and then to the park. I absolutely love Getzendaner Park. It's so big and nice and completely shaded with trees. It was hot and humid, but we had such a great time. And, it made me a little more ready for Fall!!! I see more trips to the park once it cools down some here.

And we ended the evening with the most glorious sunset!!


September 13 - I cannot wait for you! My best friend and I are heading to see Miranda Lambert!!!!!!!! Counting down the days! We also really want to go to her store, the Pink Pistol. Have you ever been?


Happy Friday friends! Any plans for the weekend?


  1. Yay! Have so much fun at Miranda!! I took my mom to see her a couple years ago and we had a blast. :) She's coming back to Lubbock in October with Dierks and The Band Perry! I would love to go again.

  2. Pink Pistol is totally on my to do list! I've wanted to go for the last couple months!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!