{Chef Turtle}

Sit down Mama and I will make you lunch. 

I'm Chef Turtle.

What do you want? I will make you whatever you want.

Here, I made you manilla ice cream.

{I pretend to start to eat it}

Wait Mama! You have to pray first.


  1. Love! Love! LOVE! One of the many things I hope my son inherits from me is my love of cooking. Heck, food in general. Don't be afraid to try new things. That chef's coat is too cute!!!!!!!

  2. This is too cute. And yes ma'am on him saying wait we have to pray first. Well done Crystal

  3. Aww my heart is melting! What a cutie

  4. He is seriously the cutest little chef!!!
    My 2 owls

  5. My heart just melted! He is so precious. Although when I'm around he is shy!!


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