{That one time Mason played Blastball}

Oh my goodness!! I was looking at pictures on my Picasaweb albums and realized that I've never blogged about Blast Ball!!

Yes, Blast Ball was back in the Spring. Yes, I am extremely late.

But, better late than never. Right? Right!

What is Blast Ball?

It's for toddlers - a step before T-ball. Games are only 20 minutes long and they only run to 1st base. When they step on 1st base it honks. Oh, and they don't keep score. Every kid gets to bat during an inning and then they switch. We normally got 2 innings in during one game.

Mason went into it really excited {and so cute in his little uniform}. But, it was hard to keep his attention - even with only a 20 minute game. But, most of them were that way. Mason was technically the youngest player on the team until the end of the season. They want the players to be three, but they let Mason play at 2 years old. Mason would play for like 5 minutes and then run to the stands. That's where the party was and where he wanted to be. Finally, it took his Nana going out on the field with him for him to stay out there the entire game! Whatever works!!

We had such a great team. Nate and his friend Tyler coached the team....but all of the dads helped. Nate went to the first coaches meeting and came back with the Roster (that the league put together) and we knew most of the kids/families! During a 'game' each kid had at least one parent/adult out there with them. Our first game we went out there looking like chickens with their heads cut off...but from the next game on we were the most put together and best team in the league! Our boys were so good!!!

Mason picked #1 for his jersey and to this day when he sees the #1 anywhere he says "Look, that's number 1 just like me."

We decided to skip Summer ball for many reasons and will start back up this Fall. Can't wait!!

Warning - lots of pictures ahead!!



  1. Love these pics and animated gifs!!! My niece and nephew both played blast ball and loved it!

    Mason looks like such a little stud in his uniform!!

  2. The last pic of mason and Nate is so precious!

  3. That sounds like such a fun game!! They look so cute in their uniforms, and i love that they all got a trophy!!

  4. Love these pics and how fun was this he looks so cute and glad he had so much fun.

  5. precious! I love this, and It makes me wish we had blast ball here! there is no such thing and the bases dont honk....thats genius! That is so so cool that you guys ended up knowing most of the team!

  6. Um, that is just more cuteness than I can handle!! How did you make your pictures do that?


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