{If I weren't a boy mom}

If I weren't a boy mom I wouldn't know things such as...

How bad it hurts to step on a hotwheel. 

Finding rocks and bugs in pockets of jeans and shorts.

How to dodge that {inacurate} little built in sprinkler.

What Monster Jam is.

 I wouldn't know how to make a mohawk {around a good ol' cowlick}

That there are zombies everywhere...and I mean everywhere.

The wrath of legos.

Dirty faces and stinky toots. All day everyday.

I wouldn't know how cool dinosaurs, monster trucks, jeeps, airplanes, spiders, Ninja Turtles, bull frogs, worms, mud, snakes, firetrucks and superheros really are.

Or that camo matches everything.

What a miniature version of my husband is like.

And I would never know the joy of a Mother/Son relationship!!!  Or a love so deep.

What do you love about being a Mother?


  1. Love this post. My son has a huge cowlick too and I have learned to do a mohawk too!!

  2. I've never stepped on a hot wheel, but I have stepped on a lego. That moment had to be in my top ten list of painful moments, lol.

    "Dirty faces and stinky toots. All day everyday." I think every boy mom can relate to that statement. :P

  3. AMEN! I 100% agree with this post! I love my "boy" - !!!

  4. Love this post being a mother of 2 girls and one baby boy I can say that a mother and son bond is like no other as while a daddy and daughter is the way also.
    I don't know how to do boy hair will I ever figure it out

  5. This is so sweet! I hope I can have a sweet boy someday. :)

  6. Being a boy mom is the best! Well the best so far. Maybe someday I will see what being a girl mom is all about, or maybe I will just stick with my boy! haha


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