{PreK3 and Huntin'}

Yesterday {9/3} was a big day for our little dude! First day of PreK and first time to go Dove huntin' with Daddy!

I wasn't sure the exact start date of PreK3 because the school was waiting for their books to come in. Yesterday I was sitting at work and started thinking about it. I didn't want to miss taking pictures of Mason on his first day. So I messaged one of his teachers and sure enough, they started that day.

I didn't prepare for this day as best as I should have. We had just gotten back from vacation and we were exhausted! I sent Mason to school in some comfy clothes and I didn't have a 'sign' prepared to take pictures with. I wanted a chalkboard, but was unable to find one last minute. So I grabbed a black dry erase board and some bright colored markers.

Taking pictures of Mason is an act of congress. Seriously. I had to just work with what I had - right then and there. He wasn't going for posing. He was more interested in wiping the marker off the sign. Little stinker!


They learned about creation the first day. Their bible verse they are remembering this week is 

God created the heavens and the Earth  - Genesis 1:1

One of the worksheets he brought home was a color sheet about God creating the animals. It had an elephant on it. We were talking about in and in true Mason fashion....

"Mama, that is a transformer elephant." - Mason
"Oh really? How so?" - Me

"It transforms into a zombie elephant." - Mason

Everything is about Zombies. Everything. And for the record - we do not let him watch any shows that have Zombies on them. He learned about them playing a game at his Nana and Papa's (Zombies vs Plants or something like that). I had to have a little talk with him about Zombies!

After school Mason got to go Huntin' for the first time. He was so excited. And once again, I wasn't prepared. He has outgrown all of his camo! So we had to make do...

Mase said he had a lot of fun. He hunted maybe 30 minutes and then I guess he saw his Grandparents outside and had to go visit them. ha!

It was a good day! 


  1. Precious pictures!! Love the overalls!! I went hunting this weekend and there were two little kids there--country kids all the way. Fighting with the dog over who could retrieve the dead birds.

  2. So cute!! I love the first day pictures!! I have to say, my not prepared days do not look that put-together or cute!!

  3. Love the hunting pictures of Mason and Nate!!! What is it about kids and Zombies?! My step son is constantly pretending to be a Zombie. I hate Zombies or pretty much anything scary!

  4. This boy is just the most precious. I doubt I could've sat through hunting at that age

  5. At first glance you can't even tell that's not a chalkboard! So don't even worry about it because it looks great. :)


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!