{Are you proud of me too, Mom?}

Yesterday {7/10} we were at home hanging out. Nate was cooking dinner and I was asking Mason what he wanted for supper {he never eats the same thing with us because he's so picky}. I scooped him up and kissed him a gazillion times. And as I do everyday I told him how he was my favorite little guy in the whole world. And how much I loved him. And how I was so, so blessed to be his Mama. He looked at me with the sweetest eyes and said,

"Are you proud of me too, Mom?"

My eyes welled with tears. Oh baby boy, if you only knew. If you only knew the pride I hold for you. And that each and every single day it grows. Whether it's a new song you've learned, counting a few numbers more, telling me that a spider has 8 legs, or even saying "actually" before everything. Oh it makes me proud. Everything you do makes me proud. 

Mommy will always be your #1 fan!! Always, baby boy. Always.

Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him.
Psalm 127:3



  1. Soooo sweet! Thanks so much for sharing this precious memory!

  2. Bless his sweet little heart! Little boys are SO precious.

  3. oh how I love this what a sweet boy he is! And "actually" my girls say to and it gets me every time!

  4. That is so precious! I love it when my boy tells me sweet things. I don't often expect it, but when it happens I well up with tears too! Sweetness!


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