{Five on Friday}

Time for Five on Friday...

{One} I haven't cooked one single meal this week. And? I've kind of loved it. Last week I was just too exhausted to meal plan, grocery shop and cook and clean. I was just over it. Over cooked food. I blame it on the heat. It was nice to just spend the evenings with my boys without having to cook and clean the kitchen. Well, not a real kitchen anyway...just Chef Turtle's kitchen!

{Two}  I am ready for FALL. Texas and Summer = 100+ degree days. Blah!

{Three} My Daddy actually gets to come home this weekend!!! His job has had him working in Oklahoma for a long time and it's been a while since he's been able to come home on a weekend. I can't wait to give him a giant hug and just hang out with him and the family.

{Four} I just finished season 2 of the Killing. WOW! Love this show. Do you watch it? 

{Five} Friends, if you could, please say an unspoken prayer for my sister and her pregnancy. Baby boy is healthy. Just need some prayers. I will talk about this more when I can. Thank you all!!

How was your week? Any plans for the weekend?


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  1. I've only cooked once this week! ha! I'm hoping not to have to this weekend if I can help it! TGIF girl!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!