{Wordless-ish Wednesday - Mason dresses himself}

A few things about this photo - 

- Mason wanted to go outside and play in the 100+ degree heat. So, Nathan slapped on a white tank and basketball shorts to go out with him. Well, Mason wanted to dress like Daddy.

- He dressed himself

- White shirt with red writing paired with camo swim trunks {totally matches, duh}

- The camo swim trunks are a size 18 month. Every time I put them in our "storage bin" Mason takes them back out and puts them on. 

- He did match his camo shoes to his camo shorts


 Do your kids dress themselves?


  1. That is priceless!!! Oh, boys. They make us giggle every single day!

  2. So cute! My kids do dress them selves and it drives me bonkers! My son is usually a jersey, either his football or AZ Cardinals with whatever color shorts he can find, usually those basketball workout shorts, he has a neon green/yellow pair that sticks out like a sore thumb. Ha! My daughter changes clothes like 4 times a day depending on her mood - playing, dancing, singing etc.. :)

  3. awe so funny he is still cute as ever

  4. Oh yes... mine totally dresses himself, all the time. After day care is when I get the best outfits. :) The other day he came out in brown cordorouy pants that were two inches too short, a khaki/brown short sleeve shirt that had a brown thermal long sleeve shirt sown into it, and his cowboy boots. All to go outside in 92 degree heat and play in the dirt. He told me he wanted to be a "cowboy" (said in the most southern hick dialect I have ever heard)!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!