{Mason's first skinned knee}

Mason fell down and got his first {real} skinned knee last night {8/22/13}.
And? You'd thought he cut off that darn leg.
He cried and screamed for a good 30 minutes and wouldn't walk on it. 
It took some good convincin' for him to finally put a bandaid on it.

He fell asleep in his bed and I, of course, couldn't sleep. 
 So I went to his bed, scooped him up and brought him to my bed!!
Even in his sleep he was cautious of his knee.

And this morning when we were getting ready for school he still wouldn't walk on it and made me carry him.
By some miracle he let me put another bandaid on the bottom part of his 'ouchie'.
He told the guy at the gas station that he fell and broke his leg 'esterday!

Eventually he started putting a little weight on it, but with a limp.
And then he raced me to the cafeteria!
Oh how I wish I could take every single 'ouchie' for him!   


  1. I cant believe this is his first skinned knee!?!?! Especially with him being such a boy! Good job for holding out so long :) haha

    what a champ.

  2. I wish skinned knees were the only issue our boys will ever have to face in their lifetime. You're such a great mom, Crystal. <3

  3. How did you go this long without a skinned knee?!?!?!!! Zane has had like 500!

  4. That is hilarious! How dramatic. Hayes is not cautious at all so we have had a TON of booboos.


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