{Five on Friday - iPhone, Instagram, Gruene, TX}


Happy Friday friends! Our week has been fairly uneventful. It seems like the week has flown by, really. We have spent a lot of time playing outside in the evenings. It hasn't been miserably hot. I'll take 95 over 105 any day. I am so ready for Fall I can't even stand it. Monday Nate texted me and said that he wanted to take a little 'getaway' trip this weekend for our anniversary. So...


We are going to Gruene, TX!!!!! We tossed up Jefferson, Luckenbach, Fredericksburg, and Gruene. We went with Gruene since it will be a quick trip. We plan to visit Gruene Hall {of course}, visit all of the little shops in Gruene, eat at the Gristmill and maybe find a patio on the river. You can bet I will take a million pictures of the 'Hall' on Gruene Hall. I want to get a good one to blow up on canvas and hang in our house {our last name}!


I finally got an iPhone 5!!!! We've been with T-mobile for 11 years and have been pretty happy with them. I just hated that they never carried the iPhone. Back in March of this year Nathan and I upgraded our phones to the Note II. And what do you know...less than 2 months later Tmobile announces that they now have the iPhone 5. I was so disappointed. The Note is definitely a great phone...I am just more of an Apple person! I like the camera and photo apps better. And Lord knows I take a lot of pictures! I've had my phone for 5 1/2 days and I have 380 pictures in my camera roll and I've already deleted 4-500! ha. Is that normal? I've downloaded the apps below....any other musthaves? Share! OH and I am trying to keep myself from downloading Candy Crush again!


Speaking of Instagram...here is my public apology for 'overgramming'. I just can't stop! And I am totally loving making these little slideshows, too. So much fun.


We've had some amazing skies this week! I probably have about 50 pictures on my phone from just this week of the sky. The moon...the sunrise...the sunsets....so beautiful! God's Handy work sure amazes me.

How was your week? Any plans for the weekend?


  1. LOVE those beautiful Texas skies!! Happy anniversary! When is it? Have fun in Gruene! I've never been!

  2. :) yay for the iPhone 5!!!!
    We are techno dorks in the HyderHut & I can't wait for my upgrade in October. I get to upgrade the week after Lilli is due to arrive. Michael said that's his gift to me ~ a new phone for a new baby. Ha!

    I've had an iPhone since the old, old style - the round ones. I just switched carriers when they came to Verizon. I love them. ♥

    What would this girl do without her phone & apps??!

  3. & how do you makes those slide shows? I'm so behind on this video thing with IG!!

  4. Ooooh Gruene!! How I love it. One of my favorite places on Earth--not an exaggeration.

  5. Happy Anniversary! And super jealous about your impromptu trip to Gruene! Is anyone playing the night ya'll will be there?

  6. I want to go to Gruene one day! My parents are going to Fredericksburg during the fall!

  7. Jefferson is one of my favorite places! I used to do a lot of work on east Texas and I would try to get to Jefferson every time I went!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!