Weekend Wrap-up

Well, we had another really great weekend. I love having a little family to enjoy the weekends with!

Friday when I got home Nathan had Mason dressed in all Rangers gear, and he looked adorable!!!

Friday night we went with the Hall's and the Welskopf's to Javier's in Ferris Texas. It was a really great time. We didn't get to hang out much afterwards because it was already Mason's bedtime. He gets really cranky if we keep him up past 9pm. AND he is spoiled to our bed and will not sleep anywhere else. Oh, and mommy has to be right there beside him too. But I am not complaining one bit. I love cuddling with my sweet baby boy!!

Saturday morning was a big day for Mason! He sat in his Bumbo seat for the very first time, and he is only 6 weeks 4 days old (at that time). He did really good and seemed to even like it. He just looked around and smiled. We just wanted to test it and see how he would do. His head was still a little wobbly, but not too bad. Look how cute he is!!

After hanging out at the house for a bit we took Mason to Oma's for the first time. We wanted them to meet our Mason!! Oma's is one of those good "home" feeling types of places. Makes me happy we live in a fairly small town!! Jimmy (owner) wasn't there when we first got there, but did end up coming in later. He met Mason and offered to sponsor his little league team when he's older. Nate said, "I'm going to hold you to that" and Jimmy said, "I give you my word, you've paid your dues in here".  How cool!!!

 After eating at Oma's we went to visit the Halls and hang out for a bit. Then it was time to head to Irving for John & Nicole's bridal shower. After the shower Aunt Leslie, Uncle Scooter, and cousin Tanner came over to hang out. The boys tinkered around with the FJ while Leslie and I took pictures of Mason!!! They all came out really good and I love them. So, get ready for LOTS of pictures!!!

Sunday was another big day for Mason! He got to meet two of his friends for the first time. Erik and Tiffany brought their son Easton over and Chase and Barb brought Kinley!! They are both sooooo tiny compared to Mason (you'll be able to tell in the pictures below). It was so great to visit them and catch up!! Too bad Trent & Krista & Kloe couldn't come, bummer! We'll all have to all get together sometime soon.

Our big boy!!

The Beautiful Kinley Reese (love love love her hair)

And the Oh SO Adorable Easton Bradley:

Easton, Mason, Kinley
It's so awesome that we all have babies around the same age!! I am so happy to have joined the "mommy club"!!!
Kinley - born May 3rd
Easton - born June 1st
Mason - born May 25th

Tiffany & Easton, Barb & Kinley, Mommy & Mason
(Love these girls, and the babies too)

And the daddies:
Erik & Easton, Chase & Kinley, Nate & Mason
(these boys all grew up together)

We have been blessed with such great friends!!

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