{Weekend Wrap-up}

Another great weekend under the Hall belt!! I just love our family time. Can't remember what Nathan and I did before Mason. :)

Friday I came home from work with a project in mind - so off to Home Depot and Target we went!! I wanted to make a chalkboard/picture frame to use for Mason's monthly pictures. We got the chalkboard paint at Home Depot and the vintage white picture frame at Target. I can't wait to use it...tomorrow! Tomorrow our baby boy will be 8 weeks!!! YIKES! Where is the time going?!? After making the chalkboard frame we hung out at home and watched the Ranger game. Then Jess, Logan and Molly came over to visit. Molly is new to the Bailey family and oh so cute! Diesel just loved her and was sad when she had to go.

Jess, Logan and Molly

Saturday morning we just hung out for a bit. I did some cleaning/organizing while Mason and Daddy slept in a bit. Then we got ready and headed into town. We ate at Quiznos and then met my sister and Tanner at the Feed Store. Then they came over and hung out. Once Scooter got off work the boys wanted to work on their project, a potato gun! So off to Home Depot again we went! We just hung out the rest of the evening and they eventually got a working potato gun! Boys and their toys.

Sunday we went to eat at Javier's (we do this almost every Sunday morning) with the Halls. After breakfast Nate mowed the lawn while Mason and Momma took a nap!! We just hung out the rest of the evening and visited the Halls. Nathan and Ty played with the Potato gun a little more. They were having so much fun!

Good ol' iPhone pictures!!

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