Back to work already?!?!

Yesterday I had to face the day I have been dreading for months now! The day I had to go back to work :( And it was harder than I could have ever prepared myself for. I miss my baby boy SOOOOOOOOO much!!!! I cried throughout the day on Monday, and then cried myself to sleep with Mason in my arms. Woke up crying the next morning! Mason slept really good that night, but I didn't because I just kept staring at him and watching him sleep. The only thing that made it easier was knowing that I was leaving him in good hands. His Nana (Nate's mom) is out for summer and is keeping him. She works for a school, so has the perks of summers off. We are so thankful for that. Just not sure what we are going to do come August. I don't even want to think about that. I am already having separation anxiety, seriously. I pray and pray we find someone good to keep him. If you are reading this and have any suggestions/connections, please let us know!!! We want him to be in the best and safest place possible and want to avoid daycare if at all possible.

Work was busy and I had a Dr appt, so that make the day go by fast. Dr. Greve said that I have healed well and that everything was great! Yay. It was nice seeing all the friends I have made at the Dr office. I got to show off pictures of Mason and talk about him. That helped too, but as soon as I left I went back to missing him really bad!

Going home to him was the best!! I practically ran inside. Diesel greeted me at the door and then Nate's mom put Mason straight into my arms. He just laid so peacefully on my chest for a long while. It was so great! We had a nice evening together. I love cuddling with my sweet boy!!!

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