{Mommy & Mason time}

Daddy had softball last night, so it was just mommy and Mason at home. And Diesel too, of course. (but he just slept the whole time) Mason was in such a great mood when I went to Nana's to pick him up. He was happy and smiling. Papa got home and wanted to play with him, so we stayed for a bit. Papa loves that Mason has found his smile.

Papa, Nana & Mason

Mason sitting in Nana's lap

Mason was such a good boy for mommy! He sat in his bouncer for a while so that mommy could eat and shower!! He was perfectly content and just looked around at everything. He's growing up way TOO Fast!!!

Sleeping in mommy's arms:

(See that orange shirt??? Um, yeah - that is a size 6months. And it's not that big on him. Very soft and comfy and perfect for sleeping in) Oh my!

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