Day 2, evening

Going home to Mason yesterday was wonderful. I was so anxious and ready to see him. Apparently traffic on 360, I20 and I35 didn't get the memo or really understand my situation. When Crystal Hall is on her way home to her son, clear out and move over!!! I love walking in and Nana placing Mason straight into my arms!! Those are the best moments after such a long drive home. Mason was a little fussy because he didn't sleep much that day. As soon as I got him into his carrier and into the cruiser he was fine. Nathan's mom is the sweetest and so thoughtful. She bought us some groceries; things that would be easy to pop into the oven. She knows that most of our time is spent with Mason and we barely have time for anything else. Thank you, Nana!!

Aunt Leslie and Cousin Tanner were waiting on us when we got home. I missed them!! So I asked Leslie if they could come over and visit. :) Mason fell asleep in Leslie's arms for a bit. When he woke up we got some pictures!! The ones of Mason and Tanner did not upload, so I will have to edit this post later!

Leslie and Tanner left sometime around 8:00 and then it was Mommy and Mason time. Daddy had softball games and didn't get home until later. We hung out on the couch and he fell asleep in my arms for a bit. I love spending time with him! We were both in bed by 9:20!! He's usually ready for bed around 9pm. I don't even remember Nate coming in from his games but remember seeing him and talking to him when I woke up at 1:30. Mason slept great. Only woke a couple times, but went right back to bed. He's such a good boy!!!

Mommy and Mason on the couch:

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