I'm back!!!

I am not sure where to even begin! We've done so much in the last couple weeks and it's been great! I have to say that I had an amazing maternity leave and very sad that it's over. Spending so much time with Mason was wonderful. He's such an awesome baby and fills my heart with so much joy. He's the cutest little boy EVER and his smile is contagious! To say the least, I have been very blessed! I have an amazing, caring and loving husband and the sweetest baby boy in the world!! Becoming a mother is one of the greatest gifts God can give. There is nothing quite like it, that's for sure. I can't even remember life before him, nor do I want to! Having a little family is so heartwarming, I just love it. And to see Nathan in the "daddy" role leaves me speechless. He's so great with Mason. I could just sit back and watch him talk to Mason all day long!!!

Thank you sweet baby boy for bring so much happiness and joy into your mommy and daddy's lives!! We love you more than words could ever express.

Mommy and Mason waiting on Daddy to get home from work:

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