Mason's 1st 4th of July

For the holiday weekend we camped (and by camping, I mean in a 36+ft travel trailer with AC) at Purtis Creek with the family. Purtis Creek is a place that daddy's family has gone to for a long, long time. We went down Thursday after Daddy got home from work.

Sitting on the porch waiting for Daddy to get home:

We didn't do much that evening but eat and hang out, then it was time for bed. Friday morning we woke up and got ready for Canton. It started pouring rain, so we hung out at the campsites for a while. Then we headed that way. The rain stopped by the time we were ready for our Canton adventure. It wasn't too terribly hot and there weren't many people there. Made for a nice time. We found a couple signs for Mason's room. One is a door hanger that says "Lil Cowboy's Room" and the other is a wall sign that says, "Dear God, please tell Mommy and Daddy that Cowboys don't take baths". They were just too cute to pass up!! Mason was a trooper at Canton!! He slept through most of it.

When we returned from Canton Nate noticed that Diesel's head was bleeding..which led us to find a knot on the side of his head/face. He either scratched it or hit it on something and busted it open. It was bleeding pretty good and looked really bad. :( It was soooo sad to see him that way. We hung out at the campsites for a little while longer and then decided it was probably best if we went home. So we packed us an overnight bag, from our over the weekend bags and headed home. We wanted to get Diesel home to take care of him. He did well throughout the night, but the next morning it was bleeding again and still looked bad. So we called the vet. They were booked, but able to get us in as an emergency visit. We headed to the vet around 9:30 and they were able to see us as soon as we got there. The vet said he had either been bitten by something or had an absess. She took him to the back to flush it out and shave the hair around it. She gave us antibiotics and sent us on our way. He wasn't running fever, so she wasn't too worried about it. He has to take the meds for 10 days and if he's not better we have to take him back. The wound looked tons better the very next day! Yay! So happy because it was really breaking my heart. The wound was horrible looking.

Diesel at the vet:

And Mason slept right through it all:


We went back to Purtis Creek after the vet appt. That evening we just hung out and the boys did some fishing. Nate, Diesel and I went on a walk through the trails and I punctured my new flip flops! Grr! Sunday we all went back to Canton. This Canton experience wasn't as great as the first. It was super hot and humid and I felt like such a bad mother for having Mason out there. Needless to say, we didn't stay long. After Canton we all went to eat dinner. Then back to the campgrounds to hang out.


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