1 Month

OMG - where is the time going?? I can't believe Mason is already a month old (pretend that I wrote this 2 weeks ago!!). He's growing so fast and amazing us more and more everyday!!!

4-Week-Old Baby - from "What to Expect" website:

Are you talking to me? Yes, he is and your baby wants you to talk back!

Those adorable grunts, gurgles, and coos are his way of chatting about what's going on in his world, and the best way to encourage more communication is to keep the conversation going. (Don't be surprised if you hear plenty of sneezes and hiccups as well — both very common in infants.) At this age, your baby is ready for supervised tummy time, a position that'll allow him to practice important motor skills (like lifting that big noggin, even for a few seconds at a time). He'll also discover his best built-in toys about now — his fingers and toes, which are not only entertaining but potentially comforting as well (thumbsuckers, rejoice!). Also worth rejoicing over: You're an old pro by now at this baby-care thing — who knew it would happen so quickly?
Facts about Mason at 1 month old:
Weighs approx 10lbs
In size 1 diapers
Loves bathtime
Ready for bed around 9pm
Sleeps anywhere from 3 to 5 hours at a time
Lifts head for long periods of time
Smiling tons
Likes his bedroom and crib, but doesn't sleep in it
Still nursing and supplementing with Enfamil forumla
Using Dr Brown's bottles
Loves to go places and ride in the car
Likes to stare at contrasting colors
Loves to be outdoors
Outgrowing newborn clothes and moving into size 0-3 months
Doesn't like for his diaper to be changed
Sleeps in bed with Mommy and Daddy
Still trying to figure Diesel out (Diesel likes to give him kisses on his head and feet)
Loves to be held ALL the time!
Doesn't mind his picture being taken (and it's a good thing)
Has probably seen more Ranger games than most adults :)
I love you sweet boy!

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