{8 weeks, WHAT?}

I cannot believe our baby boy is 8 weeks already. Time needs to just go ahead and SLOW down, like for real! Mason, you are growing more and more everyday. Each minute we get to spend with you makes mommy and daddy very happy! You are our everything and we love you more than words can say.

You are still doing most of the stuff you did at 7 weeks old (click here for that post), you're just getting better at those things.

You have your mommy wrapped around your finger, and you know it.
You are starting to smile more and more.
You smile really big when I kiss your face and this makes momma's heart do somersalts.
You are mostly wearing 0-3 month sized clothes, but a lot of 3 months too. Just depends on the brand.
Still in size 1 diapers - Pampers brand.

Just within the last few days we have switched you to soy formula. You have major tummy troubles (gas) and we are trying to find what works best for you. It gets so bad that it keeps you awake at night. You seem to be doing good with the soy, but it's still too early to tell.

We've started giving you a little rice cereal in your bottles before bed. You can't seem to get full these days. It's really helped.

AND - you just seem to get cuter and cuter with each minute that passes.

Now for the oh so adorable pictures!!!

I am enamored!!

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