Weekend Whirlwind

Wowsa! The last few days have been such a blur. Nathan and I have been very busy preparing for the birth of our baby boy!!! Friday I worked at the office and Nate worked in the yard. It's a day's worth of work to mow/weed eat our 2+ acres. That evening we went to Target to pick up a baby shower gift, then had dinner with Mom, Dad, Scooter, Les, Tanner, and Jax at Buffalo Wild Wings, grabbed a snow cone and home to watch the Ranger game. Nate and I were both beat and ended up falling asleep on the couch until around 3am. Saturday morning we got up pretty early. Nathan had to take some things to the Masonic Lodge for their upcoming garage sale. I got up and showered and got ready for the day. My dad, Scooter, Leslie, John and Tanner came out to hang out and work on John's car. The boys drug the driveway with the tractor, burned a brush pile, put cement in the driveway, and worked on the tractor. Us girls (and Tanner) supervised :) Then Les and I went to Pete and Repete in Waxahachie and looked around. I found a GREAT deal on a swing and couldn't pass it up. Picture:

Can't beat $40 bucks! And then I got Mason 4 or 5 onesies!! Then Les and I grabbed lunch and headed back to the house to eat with the boys. That evening Nate and I went with Jordan to the MMA fights at Quick Trip Park. Interesting to say the least. On the way home I had MAJOR discomfort. I am pretty sure I was experiencing Braxton Hicks Contractions. My stomach was super tight and Mason was pressing heavily on my bladder. These lasted a good 2 hours or longer! I wasn't that scared, though. I knew it wasn't true labor!!

Sunday we had breakfast with the Halls. Then Nate, LeeAnn, Ty and I made a trip to Babies R Us in Arlington. We were there probably a good 3 hours! I think we looked at everything there. It was too much fun! $260 bucks later, we were set. We had gift cards and only had to add $27 of our own money to the purchase. Can't beat that. I feel somewhat relieved and more ready, now! Below is what we got:

- Nursing cream

- Nursing pads

- Nursing wipes

- Storage bottles that double as a bottle (you just add the nipple)

- Nipples

- Freezer milk storage bags

- Disposable changing pads (so when I use the bathroom changing tables out in public)

- A seat protector (for under the car seat) but it also has storage

- Dishwasher basket

- Bottle dryer/organizer

- Baby sunscreen

- Cushioned strap covers for Mason's carseat

- Newborn mittens

- Natural pacifiers that are supposed to be the closest to the real thing

- Thermometer

- Ice pack (for when I pump at work or on the go and bring the milk home)

- A netting that goes over his carrier to keep the mosquitos out in the summer time

And then we got him:

- His 4th of July outfit and matching shoes

- Another pair of shoes

- A baby Texas Ranger's Hat

- A romper

- A 1 piece swimsuit (so cute. Looks like a surf suit)
After our Babies R Us adventure we went home and worked in his nursery for a few hours! It's coming together! Blog post with pictures to follow!

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  1. I'm super excited and he's not even mine! LOL MMMM Snow cones sound yummy!


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