35w6d - Dr Appt - 4/22

Goodbye modesty (as my friend Krista warned me about this appt)!! And I am sooo glad that she did. Without getting into details, the Group B strept/bacteria test is not that pleasant. Believe me! But glad to have that over with.

The rest of the appt went well. My blood pressure was good. Mason's heartrate was 132bpm and my belly measured between 35/36cm, on schedule. I talked to my doctor about my sono tech not weighing the baby and what she said about Dr Greve not wanting that done. He was a little frustrated because he obviously didn't tell her that! He said for sure at 38 weeks we need to have him weighed. I really hope they weigh him Tuesday, but not getting my hopes up.

I did have blood in my urine this week, but only a small amount. Dr Greve said he's not worried about it, and that it's pretty common this close to delivery. He said if I start to feel like I have a bladder/urinary tract infection to call them right away. And I haven't, so we are good! I also talked to him about my swelling feet. He agreed that they are majorly swollen, but said that was also common. My blood pressure has never been high, so he's not worried about pre-eclampsia. Whew! They are just hideous looking and quite painful at times.

Next week they will start checking my cervix for dialation. Guess it's definitely time to put my hospital bags in the car! Wowser!!!!!!!!!!

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