35w4d Sonogram - 4/20

Tuesday was our routine sonogram. I arrived around 8:15ish for an 8:30 appt. They were majorly behind due to a few emergency sonograms. I didn't get back to the sono room until 9:30. I should start taking a book...but then I know that I wouldn't read it because the people watching is much more interesting. I am just sure of that.

So, finally I get back there and talk to my tech for a bit. I told her I was interested to see how much Mason weighed because I felt like he was getting bigger. She said, "Oh, we aren't weighing him today. We are only doing your BPP sono". I asked her why and she said they had an "Office policy" change and that my doctor has to specifically ask for that now. And that Dr Greve only wanted the BPP results. I was bummed!!!! That was the 2nd week in a row that she didn't weigh him. Part of our excitement for Tuesdays and something we look forward to each week is guessing his weight.

BUT - the important thing is that my sonogram went well. Mason and I passed all of our BPP tests. Our amniotic fluids were maintained, no rising, his heartrate was 138bpm - which is good, and his movements were great! Makes me so happy!! We got 3 sono pictures, but they are really hard to see anything. The sono tech said the bigger they get the more grainy the pics get.

Until next Tuesday..

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