Trying to get better about posting the things I want to remember!

Last night I was running around the house from the laundry room to our room to Mason's room, to the guest bathroom, and back to the living room - getting our hospital bags packed. Nathan and I went through clothes and picked out outfits and things we wanted to take for Mason. Nate's mom picked up his "Bring home" outfit yesterday from the embroidery shop and OMG it's sooo cute it should be illegal! Especially when it's filled by our handsome little baby boy!!!!!!!!!!! I almost posted pictures here...but then decided that I want it to be a surprise. So, sorry my blogfriends, you will have to wait! Plus, it will be 100x better when he's wearing it, right?!?!?! That's what we're all waiting for anyhow! Pictures of the amazing baby I have blogged about for 9 months! Wow, words can't say how excited I am about that.

Anyhow, sometime during all the craziness I walked in the living room and Nate has the biggest smile/grin on his face. This was our convo:

Me: "What are you smiling about?"
Nate: "Because your pregnant"

:) And that was it. Nothing else was said. We have an amazing connection, so nothing else really needed to be said. And I know that without trying to, he knows that he melted my heart! Oh how I love that man so!!!!!!!!!

Anyhow, so I finished our bags and had them in the car with me for today's appt. Since today was the first day they would actually be "checking" me for dialation/effacement, I felt I needed to be ready. You just never know. Then this morning as I was getting ready I started thinking about our cameras. I really don't want to leave those in my car, nor do I want to haul them around with me. So I decided to leave those at home by my front door. So hopefully someone loves me enough to get those for me when the time comes. **hint hint!

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