33w4d Sonogram

Sweet, sweet Tuesday - how I love you so!!! Tuesdays and Thursdays are quickly becoming my favorite days of the week. Sonograms on Tuesdays and Dr Appts on Thursdays :)  My sono today was scheduled for 9:00am, however they didn't call me back until almost 9:30. It's okay - the waiting room of a Dr's office is good people watching! Very interesting..but I won't go into details.

The sonogram went really well. The tech said that Mason and I passed our weekly tests with flying colors. Music to a mama's ears!!! My fluids looked good and Mason is growing like he should be. He was an active little guy this morning. He kept kicking the sonogram wand. It was making me giggle. His heartrate was 165bpm and he weighed in at 5lbs and 3oz. Almost 1 pound in a week, wow! I thought he was big, but the tech said he's right on schedule!! We got 3 pictures of his beautiful face. He's gettting to big to get anything else in the sono pics!!

Okay, okay - I realize this blog is becoming a shrine to my belly - but I can't help it! I love it and knowing that little Mason is growing inside of there!!!


  1. So glad to hear that Mommy and Mason are doing great! :)

  2. You have the cutest belly so feel free to show it off! :)

  3. Look at that belly! I love reading these post. It is so amazing how they grow "inside" us and then the little individuals they become. :)

    Are y'all going to have more?

    I know you think this is crazy...I want us to be preggers at the same time so we can relate on everything! :)


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!