Baby Shower #2

Oh wow! I can't believe I missed this post. I was looking over my blog and realized I never blogged about my 2nd baby shower! Geez! Forgive my pregnant brain.

My 2nd baby shower was coordinated by my friend since 2nd grade, Kristy Rowland! She did such an amazing job! One day she asked me what Mason's nursery theme was, I told her and she ran with that! It was all PERFECT! The barn/farm theme turned out so cute!! I will let the pictures do the talking for this blog!! Thank you Kristy for such an awesome shower, I really appreciate everything. It was just a great day! So many of my good girlfirends were able to make it and that made me really happy!

Our great friends, Trent and Krista did something really special for Nate. They let Nathan open a baby gift on Friday for Mason. It was his first baseball glove/ball and a baseball outfit. The special part was the bag it came in (I will have to get a picture later and edit this post). The bag has been a trademark in the history of Nate and Trent's friendship for many, many years. Nate's birthday is in December and Trents in January - every year they would give each other their gift in this very same KVIL Dallas Cowboys bag. And when I say many years, I mean well over 20 years probably. Now, they can continue on this tradition with their children. This just makes my heart smile!How awesome is this?!?

Saturday was a great day all the way around! We started the morning with a trip to Storkvision for our 4d sonogram. You can find that post here. And then a trip to GP to visit Nate's Grandma. Then back to Hachie to prepare for the shower. Nate got to spend some quality time with Jordan and Trent while us girls were at the shower. Mason got so many personalized gifts, it was great. We are so thankful for the people in our lives and for the people that already love Mason so much!

Entrance to the shower - so cute!

Barn themed snack foods :

Other pictures:

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