Easter Weekend

1 John 2:25

And this is the promise which He Himself made to us: eternal life.

He is RISEN!
We had a really great Easter weekend! We started the weekend with a dinner @ Ellis County BBQ on Friday. Good food, Good Friday, good time and even better company! We met Brower Power, Phyllis and Nate's parents and brother Ty there. It was a nice time. We all got to hang out and catch up and play with Miss Kloe! We just love getting to spend time with our best friends!! Saturday we spent the majority of the day at Canton. Nathan and I only went with a few things in mind, but weren't that successful. Nathan wanted to look at Pedal Cars and collectible tractors for Mason. We didn't come home with any :( And I was on the mission to find my mom a birthday gift. It was really hard though, because she too was shopping at Canton. I think we spent more money on food and drinks than anything else! I did find a really nice sized bag that I will use as a diaper bag for a while. Nate thinks it's too big, but I will certainly show him how fast it will fill up!! I also got an insulated lunch bag. Really cute! Nate got a knife and some candied jalepenos. We also bought a sign that will go perfectly in Mason's room. It's barn red and says, "My Barn, My Rules". It's adorable. After Canton we relaxed on the couch with The Blind Side and I baked cookies! We were exhausted. Sunday we had breakfast with the Halls and Ty, then headed to Walmart for a few things, then back home to relax before our Easter festivities. We went to my parent's house to celebrate Easter and my Mom's birthday. It was a great time. Dad grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and hot links and we had cake for Mom's bday. Great time! I didn't take any pictures, though. I was kind of uncomfortable after eating such a great and big lunch/dinner!!
This Easter I was reminded how blessed I truly am! Easter is the promise of life and I thought about that several times throughout the day with my hand on my belly, feeling Mason move, huge smile on my face. Mason, you spent the majority of Easter playing in mommy's ribs! I think you were using them as a jungle jim of some sort!! And you moved like crazy all day. I love feeling you and can tell you are getting stronger!! I love you so very much!

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