Dr Appt - 4/1/10

Good afternoon my blog friends! :) First of all, I am feeling great today. I have a sense of inspiration, motivation and gratefulness sweeping over me today. I am exceptionally happy and so thankful for all of the blessings in my life. God is great!

With that being said, is it crazy that I actually enjoy and look forward to my Dr Appts?? I do, it's true! I guess just the thought of getting to hear Mason's heartbeat excites me. I live for that heartbeat (and for his daddy's too). It's such a blessing to get to hear it 2 times a week. And I love how nice everyone at my doctor's office is, it's refreshing. They are starting to know me now, since I am there 2 times a week. :) And also, I love tracking my weekly stats. And who could get tired of hearing their doctor telling them how great mommy and baby are doing?!?!

Today's appt was no exception to the above! Got a front row parking spot, I was greeted by name by my favorite check-in clerk (yes I have a favorite!!), went to the lab and even though my normal lab tech wasn't there that part went well too. I weighed in - 0lbs gained!! Urine test came out good too. I get to the waiting area and no sooner than I sit down, my name is called. 5-7 minutes ahead of my appt time, woo hoo! I had a different nurse today. Apparently my normal nurse was helping my doctor deliver a baby this morning!! She was very kind and we chatted for a bit. She LOVED the name we picked out and kept congratulating me. She has 2 girls and told me how quickly they grow up and to not let a minute pass by without enjoying it. Her baby is about to be 7 and I could tell she was a little saddened by that. I could also see how much those two girls mean to her and was happy to share that feeling of unconditional love for Mason!!! She took my blood pressure, which was good - 102/72 and asked me all the "Normal" questions, and then we got to listen to Mason's sweet sweet heartbeat. 138-139bpm today! I knew it would be in that range because he was napping, or relaxed. Then she left me to wait on Dr. Greve. He was in the hospital finishing up from delivering a baby that morning...so I had to wait a bit. I grabbed my phone and caught up on some facebooking :) Took a few pictures so that I could post them on here and then just relaxed.

Dr. Greve came in about 20-25 minutes later and his first words were "Hey Crystal, how are you? Less than 2 months left, we're almost there" - unbelieveable, that's for sure!!! He said he looked at my ultrasound scans from Tuesday's sonogram and that he was highly pleased with everything. Dr Greve said Mason is doing great - he's growing and developing wonderfully. And also that my fluids did not measure as high as they have been recently, which is GREAT news. But doesn't necessarily mean we are out of the woods yet. He is going to still monitor me weekly with sonograms, because my fluid levels can change at anytime. He measured my belly and it was 34cm. Grows about 1 cm a week, which he says is right on schedule. If he says so! :)

Great appt! Recap -

0 lbs gained
Urine test - negative (which is actually a positive) :)
Blood pressure - 102/72
Belly - 34cm
Mason's heartrate - 138/139bpm

= One happy Mama!!!

Can't wait for my sonogram on Tuesday to see my little chubby cheekster!!

Pictures -

Waiting for the Dr to come in -

(added a bunch of color since Easter is this weekend!!)

Random Office Pictures

Belly, Belly, Belly
(ps - those aren't stretch marks, just lines from my pants) :)

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  1. I love having time to just sit and read your pregnancy post! I wish I knew about blogging when I was pregnant with Dav. You had an adorable belly bump. At 32 weeks, girl- I was so round. I began to waddle. At 35 weeks they put me on bed rest b/c of swelling and I started to have protein in my urine and 37 weeks, he was in our arms almost weighing 8lbs in the middle of a very hot August! ;)

    WIth No. 2, I can't wait to document, but I will not be showing any pictures, except of the sweet U/S! LOL! They made me perfectly round when they took Dav via c-section. I think they stuffed everything back in there to make a big huge bubble out of my tummy.

    I think it's time for y'all to have no. 2...like FOR REAL!

    And, I loved all my doctors/nurses too. They do get to know you and I can not wait to see them and for them to see Dav!


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