Dr. Appt - 4/8/10

I had my weekly checkup this morning and all went great. Dr Greve reviewed my sonogram scans and said everything looked great. Mason looks wonderful and is growing right on schedule. My amniotic fluids only measured a 17 this week, which is good that they're not above normal....but that also means fluctuation! Dr. Greve is going to keep my weekly sonograms scheduled because of that fluctuation. For a few months my fluids peaked and now they are back in the normal range. So Dr Greve wants to make sure they don't shoot back up. Fine by me! I love seeing my sweet boy each week and tracking his growth!!

Stats from the appt -

- gained 1/2 a pound
- blood pressure 123/82
- belly measured 33cm
- Mason's heartrate 140bpm

In 2 weeks we will do my strept culture test on my cervix (doesn't sound fun)
And then after 36 weeks Dr Greve will start checking my cervix for dialation.

So 1 more appt of easiness, then the not so fun stuff starts! Still get to see him and hear his beautiful heartbeat, though!

Picture while waiting on Dr Greve:


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