36w6d - Dr Appt

Thursday was a really good and interesting day. I woke up in a great mood with Mason moving around like crazy. I got to my dr appt early and said hello to all of my friends up there, lol. Went to the lab and chatted with the tech for a bit. Didn't gain any weight, woo hoo!!! I was sure I had gained a few pounds or more. I went to the waiting room and naturally grab "Sports Illustrated" to read. I'm reading and out of the blue I hear, "Are you Nate's wife??" - I guess I was caught off guard because I looked up and said, "Nathan Hall?" lol! It was a co-worker of Nates. :) Small world! Not sure if the Sports Illustrated gave it away or what?!?! Kidding. Nate had told her that I would be there that day! And she reads this blog, so I guess knows what I look like! We chatted for a bit before Odessa called me back for my appt. It was nice to meet her, since I've heard Nate talk about her.

Odessa checked my blood pressure, which was good and measured my belly. I am measuring on schedule 36-37cm, 36w6d. Mason's heartrate was in the 140's which is also good! She said that both of my Group B tests came back negative, which was good, means no strept or bacteria. Yay! Then Dr Greve came in and said that my BPP (sono) from Tuesday looked great and that Mason is still doing good. He checked me, and no surprise to me, I hadn't dialated one bit. He said that Mason was a stubborn baby and "way up there". LOL! He's content in mama's belly! Which was fine with me. I'd rather him wait until closer to his due date!! But of course, I would be completely fine with whatever day/time Mason chooses!!

I got to work and we had a mini baby shower (there's only 3 of us total in my office, including me). They catered in Panera Bread and had a yummy strawberry boston cream cake. YUMMO! They also got Mason a Baby Einstein Exersaucer! Super cool. I know it will definitely come in handy before we know it. It was a really nice time and I am so thankful for such thoughtful people in our life!!

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