{I confess}

Thursdays are becoming one of my favorite blogging days! I love getting to spill out a bunch of randomness going on in my world and mind. Anyone else?  Time for another I confess sesh..

I confess...

// That I have two blog posts going live today. Because I love to confess and I love my man...and they both just happen to fall on the same day. And I guess I am making up for the lack of posts on Monday and Tuesday!

// I need my hair done so bad. Like my roots are 3 inches long right now. But, my hair dresser is over an hour away. That's over a 4 hour trip and who has time for that? I do love her though...and she's worth the 4 hours.

// I took so many freakin' pictures this weekend that I was overwhelmed completely. It took me 2 full days to sort and edit. My Easter post didn't go up until Wednesday...just when everyone was over Easter.

// I can't wait to share about Mason's first soccer game, because the little dude ROCKED it!

// No matter what kind of day we've had the minute Mason falls asleep I miss him. Like really miss him.

// And I secretly hope that he wakes and crawls into our bed sometime in the middle of the night so I can cuddle him. I sleep so much better when both of my boys are in my bed.

// I wish I could cuddle with Nate, but about 5-10 minutes is all we can do. Unless we both fall asleep really fast. He's a human heater and makes us both sweat. And he snores...loud!

// The things Mason hears at school on the playground saddens me. I pray for those sweet babies {that's teaching my boy things} daily because there is no telling what they have seen, heard and endured in their 5-6 years of life. My heart just breaks for them.

// As I am typing up this post I hear the boys in Mason's room making a complete mess, but I don't even care. At least it's contained to one room, they are not fighting, or getting into things that they shouldn't be.

// I skipped Mason's soccer practice Tuesday because I desperately needed my nails done. He was okay with it though. It was just a practice and Nate was there.

// We have entirely too much Easter candy in this house. And I have too little will-power right now.

// We had some storms roll through last night and they dumped a lot of rain. Praying the sun comes out and dries it all up before Saturday...because soccer...and we have one more Easter celebration to go to.

That's all I have for today. What are you confessing today?


  1. hahah I also hate when my little goes to sleep. I miss her so much! While we were away this weekend for Easter, she refused her crib so slept with me. Secretly, I loved it, but also I didn't sleep because she was all. over. Our first night home, I told my husband I was so excited to have her in her own bed, but then the next day I told him I missed her so much! Ugh-the struggle is real!

  2. I'm totally ready to throw our Easter candy out! Seriously! I love these kind of posts!


  3. Amen to these!! I Brought all of our Easter candy to school, and my students love me for it. I DIE a little inside when Cam goes to bed...I always go up and snuggle with him, even if he's sleeping! Weird! And my hairdress takes almost 3 hours...ain't nobody got time for that!! I go about 2-3 times a year, and you can totally tell, but seriously, that's a long time! Happy Friday Eve!

  4. LOVE all of these! I need to get my hair done too and nails! haha I am still reading Easter posts so don't even worry! xoxo

  5. Oh man, sometimes you just want the kids in bed asleep and you are counting down the minutes, and then as soon as they are gone you are wishing them to be awake and playing with them. We mom's are CRAZY! And we have so much Easter Candy too...need to go through it this weekend and at least take it out of the Easter eggs and into baggies...I bet next Easter I'll be throwing out all of this Easter candy. Why do I insist on buying See's Candy stuff to fill the eggs...they only really eat it the day of.

  6. I've been having way too much Easter candy lately! But, we have been going on walks a lot lately, so that makes it okay, right?;)

  7. I love these I confess posts. I'm so glad that I finally remembered to link up this week. I love double post days-they're so much fun. It's like getting a bonus in the form of a post from one of your favorite/sweetest blog friends! I need to get my hair done, too but I just haven't made a date with my hairdresser, even though she's only about 5 minutes away. I'd travel two hours for her, too though! I loved all of your Easter pics! And the things that kids hear in elementary school break my heart, too. Dylan and I had several conversations through out elementary school
    about kids not having the kind of home life that he did. And how to always be nice to everyone, even the "bad" kids because you don't know what they're going through. It breaks my heart.

  8. What did he hear at the playground. I get so worried about those things. My girls are only 15 months and I fear for when they have to endure school, bullys, etc. I got my hair done this week because I had long roots too. I was there for over 2 hours, so gone a total of 3 hours. And I had to do it late (6:30 pm appointment) so I could still help out with my girls. The struggle is real.

  9. Yeah this is why I love cosleeping with Noah. I actually sleep better too! And wow, 4 hours for hair, that is loyalty! I'm hoping I can get away with not doing my hair til may. I want it fresh for Mother's Day, a wedding, and a weekend getaway :)

  10. We have too much candy too and I have eaten way too much. Ugh! I know what you mean about sweet babies dealing with too much in life. Between my teaching years and what I've heard from cam and his buddies it makes me so sad.

  11. 4 hours for a hair appointment? You're crazy! She must be worth it!

  12. I love Thursdays too! I love a good confession session as well :) I only posted once today though because I can only get my act together enough for MAYBE one post a day lol.
    We also have WAY too much candy and I have ZERO self control. At least after I eat it, it will be gone?

  13. I love the Thursday confessions!!
    I sneak into the kids rooms multiple times at night for "just one more" look at them, and sneak in "one more" kiss.
    The Easter candy needs to go. I cannot pass the bowl of goodies and not swipe a piece. Oy!

  14. And that is why I let the light hair grow out! I cant even with maintenance! Haha I was over Easter posts and I was the last to post too ;) Kindred spirits.

  15. Hubby and I can cuddle for long either...but I'm the one that's the human heater. Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

  16. Can't wait to hear all about that soccer game. It sounds like Mason has quite a knack for it. I need to join these confessional posts one week. I have just been so busy!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!