{10 on Tuesday // 10 Things I love about Target // $10 to Target}

I love Tuesdays and linking up with Karli for 10 on Tuesday!!

10 things I love about Target... 

1 // The dollar spot! I don't feel like an explanation is needed, but I am going to give one anyway. Seriously...if you are able to walk into Target and not even stop by the dollar spot then you might be a robot, or something. Kidding of course! But, I love the Target dollar spot. It's so awesome for so many things. I love their seasonal items for adding little touches around my house. And all of the little things you can use for stocking stuffers, or filling an Easter basket, etc. And I love that they started adding some farmhouse type items, too! I'm such a sucker for the Target dollar spot.

2 // They have the best clearance! Things get marked down so dirt cheap at Target. It's like winning a little lotto when you find clothing under $10 or sometimes even under $5 bucks!

3 // The check-out lines are never long. They actually have more than 3 cashiers working at a time {ahem, Walmart}.  Although I could browse the Target aisles for hours, it is our go-to for a quick in and out. Like if we just need to grab one thing, a quick gift or a card.

4 // They have Starbucks for mom. Starbucks and Target? Definitely a winning combination.

5 // And Icee's for Mason. He loves those things.

6 // They actually have a pretty decent section for boys clothing. I don't know why, but the girls section is always better in every darn store. But Target has been a win for us lately. Mason is kind of in the middle of the babies/toddlers section and the bigger boys section right now. He can still wear some of the 5T clothing in the toddler section and the xs or small in the boys. I am loving having more options.

7 // They have a food too. So I can grocery shop and browse through Target all in one trip.

8 // The Target cartwheel and Red Card discounts. Saving is saving and I have saved quite a bit using these two things!

9 // It's always clean. Always. I have never once been into our target and thought, ugh this is nasty. It's always organized too.

10 // The make-up section is awesome. I will admit, sometimes I can spend 20-30 minutes just in the beauty section!

Today it's all about Target. I am also linking up with Becky at bybmg  and friends for $10 at Target. I have always loved Becky's $10 Target trips and got so excited when she made it a linkup. I failed miserably last month {post here}, and kind of failed again this month. But, not because I spent too much. I had totaled the items in my basket and it was $9 worth, plus tax. But after I checked out my total was only $6.17. I watched her scan everything, so I just thought something was on clearance that I wasn't anticipating. But then I got home and checked over my receipt again and noticed that she didn't charge me for the magazine holder. And now I feel bad. I know that she at least tried to scan it because it was awkward and she was having trouble. I guess it didn't scan when she thought it did. Ooops! Anyhow, here is what I got:

Magazine holder
2 packs of file folders
Spring notepad
Gel pens

I needed the organizer and file folders to get things organized. Our lives have been so crazy lately and it's about to get so busy. I need some organization in my life. And the gel pens...if you see these at your Target, grab them! They right so smooth and are the prettiest colors. You never know what you're going to get with gel pens, but I am glad I took a chance with these! And I plan to write Mason lunchbox notes on the cute notepad.

Happy Tuesday! Are you linking up with either of these two fun link-ups? I'd love to see your post!


  1. Target is my jam!! Why does it have to be so amazing? That makes it bad for my wallet. Ha ha! Great finds for the $10.

  2. I'm a bad mom! I haven't let on yet that there are Icees at Target!! He will, I'm sure, figure it out soon enough.

  3. I remember gel pens where the 'it' thing in middle/high school. I'm definitely going to keep my eye out for them.

  4. I love this top 10 list! And I still want those markers. AND that notepad is ADORABLE! Great haul!


  5. We love Target! My two year old calls it the "Popcorn Store" because she loves the popcorn there! Hey, it entertains her while I browse, so it's a win win!

  6. Target it the best! You know how much I love the dollar spot! Most of my desk area is from the dollar spot. I had no idea about the $10 Target link up. I'll be participating!

  7. Do those gel pens work? I love gel pens but I have bad luck with buying and finding that they don't write!

  8. This is fabulous! Tell me, how well do those pens write? I didn't see those in our dollar section! :(

  9. Great finds! I love new pens and notepads, definitely two of my weaknesses right there. I wish our Target had a better boy's section. I feel like they're lacking even basic things, like plain shorts and tees, but I guess that's better for our wallet. Ez and Declan probably have way too much stuff anyway.

  10. Ooh I love the spring colors and the gel pens! I'm a huge fan of target too! Walmart lines annoy me too!

  11. So much fun! I rarely check out the make up but you can guarantee I will the next time I am there.

    And woohoo!!!! You came in way under this month!

  12. I agree with most things but one. I struggle finding things for Connor. The items that are cute are pricey and I'm such a stickler for a good deal!

  13. Yes, yes and yes!!! Kinsey is in the same predicament as Mason but having all those clothes options is not a bad thing lol (just wished it wasnt happening so darn fast!) Our Target definitely needs more cashiers, that would be my only complaint.

  14. You certainly know the way to my heart! I love Target. What's not to love?

  15. YES!!!! You hit the nail on the head! WHY is the girls section in every store ALWAYS better than the boys section! Old Navy, Gap, Nordstrom, and more. But Target? Target knows the way to my heart! I shop online for boys things at Old Navy but at Target I shop IN STORE!

  16. I love Target, but I know it's in my best interest that I don't live near one! ha! Love those gel pens; would make coloring even more fun!

  17. Target might honestly be one of my love languages. Just send me on a little vacation to that place and I'm happy as a clam!
    You picked up some great finds on your $10 trip. Those pens look amazing!! I scoured our One Spot today to see if I could find them, but no such luck.

  18. So right about the gel pens, man I loved those in high school or junior high...something. They all sucked though ha.

  19. Very good list! Good to know about the Gel pens, I typically stay away from them because I don't like they way they write, but will definitely get them now! I love Target...haven't pulled the trigger on the red card yet...that breach a while ago at Target scared me into never getting one...


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!