{I Confess}

Thursdays are starting to be one of my favorite days! I love getting out so many random things in one post. Time for another I confess sesh....

// It's Spring Break week around here {can I get an Amen?} and on Tuesday Mason and I stayed in our pajamas all day long! I didn't even put on a bra until about 6:30 pm that night and it's because we wanted to get outside and enjoy the glorious weather! It was worth it...

// Speaking of Spring Break...I had a complete #momfail on the very first day!! I worked Mon-Weds and while I was in my office answering a few work emails Mason took it upon himself to climb up our kitchen island and grab a new knife that had just come in the mail for Nathan. It was in a tray out of his reach. But, he was climbing up there for something else and saw the knife and grabbed it. He took it to his room to open and look at and he poked himself between two of his little fingers. Thank God it was only a little poke, it could have been so much worse. It was a major fail on all of us....on Nate for not putting it away when it came in the mail, on me for turning my back on him for a second and on Mason because Nathan has talked to him a cagillion times about the safety of knives and guns and asking one of us for help before ever touching. It scared the poop out of him, though! I am confident he will not make that mistake again.

// We are going camping this weekend, but I am making Nate bring us back on Saturday night because I don't want to miss church!! Normally I am the gal that doesn't want to miss a moment of camping! Love our church so much!!

// Mason and I made a DIY Leprechaun trap on Tuesday and I don't know who was more excited about it...he or I?! I'm not sure if we will catch one or not, but we are hoping he at least leaves some fun little goodies!

// Speaking of the Leprechaun trap...I feel kind of bad. Mason checks it like 95 times an hour hoping to catch a Leprechaun!! I am hoping the goodies he leaves in the morning will make up for it.  :)

// My bathroom is probably the messiest room in the whole house. But, I know exactly where everything is and it works for me.

// The season finale of PLL has me all kinds of confused. I am still trying to process this and figure it all out. Did any of you get it and care to explain to me? I was watching it over a loud five year old playing superheros!

// I have lacked motivation in the cleaning department this week. But hey, I did manage to cook everyday so far!

// It seems like everyone is moving to WordPress and I feel like I should too. But, I am terrified of messing everything up or that I will not know what to do once I am on WP. #thestruggle

// I took off today and we're not evening leaving until after Nate gets off work. But, I need the day with my sweet boy without work interrupting. And I will have to pack for all three of us plus Diesel.


  1. I guess Mason needed to learn the hard way about not playing with knives. :(
    I never started PLL but it's on my list of shows to binge someday!

  2. Oh man the girls have had the gun talk about 5 jillion times too. I'd love to do a little test on them with an unloaded gun though to see what they do.

    Checking the Leprechaun trap, so cute :).

    Oh the switch. I put a few thought on that in tomorrows Friday post. I am not sure I could ever recommend DIY'ing that with a clear conscience but I am IN LOVE with the way WP works. So much better than blogger.

  3. I'm definitely contemplating WP, too. Although, I'm pretty cheap & don't think putting the money towards that is where extra money should go right now. ugh!

    Are you watching PLL on Netflix? Or in real time? I'm through all the seasons on Netflix. I don't even remember how season 5 ended. haha!

  4. Mason's Leprechaun trap was adorable! I hope he was excited about the goodies today! It sounds like y'all are having a fun Spring Break so far. That's what I need in my life right now. And i'm considering switching to WP, too but i'm not gonna lie. I'm scared i'll loose everything! Have fun camping!! Don't tell my hubby you camp. He'll mae me. LOL.

  5. I'm with you on the Wordpress thing! I'm terrified of losing stuff, plus all the work. Plus, paying someone seems kind of expensive.

    Hope y'all have a great weekend camping; sounds so fun!

  6. Oh Mason. Thank goodness a poke was it. It's amazing how it's safe and completely out of reach and they can still get to it. Have so much fun camping!

  7. Oh geez, the knife thing, so scary! Glad it was just a poke and not a trip the the ER. Have fun camping! Yay for Spring break!

  8. Im totally wanting to move to WP, call it blogging playform envy haha. Have a great camping trip! Im excited to see what beautiful pictures you get :) And thank goodness Mason only got a tiny nick.

  9. Don't worry girl....PLL confuses me too....I stopped watching somewhere around the 10th person that was or was not "A!"

  10. Yes to everyone switched to WP! I'm perfectly content at Blogger, but I probably just don't know what I'm missing...

  11. I just can't pull the trigger on switching to WordPress. Like you, I'm SO worried I'm going to mess something up, lose all my posts, and no one is going to be able to access my blog. So, I'll just stick to Blogger for now.
    Have the best time camping!!! Can't wait to hear about all your fun!

  12. Like everyone else, I've been thinking about switching to Wordpress also... BUT Blogger is just so easy AND free so.... I don't know. I'd rather spend the money on something else right now, to be honest.
    Also, YAY for a bra-free day on Monday! I could use one of those one of these days!

  13. Hope you enjoyed your day off! Have a great camping trip!!


  14. I love bra free days! And I fee the exact way about switching to Wordpress! Okay and now let's talk PLL. Don't want to ruin it for others though so let's definitely email about it!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!