{I confess // $150 Bucks to Starbucks}

I confess...

// Kindergarten. Ugh! I struggle with Mason keeping his perfect attendance and then wanting to pull him out and just go and do. Once the school nerd, always the school nerd. Even as a mom. #thestruggle

// I secretly love when Mason buys lunch at school and I don't have to pack a lunch in the morning. Saves a good 5-10 minutes!! 

// But I also love leaving cheesy little love notes in his lunchbox.

// I'm getting a taste of what it would be like to have twin boys. Whoa doggie. That's hard work! I have so much respect for twin mamas...especially with twin boys! They are crazy.

// Fridays are my favorite! Nate comes home early and I have help with the boys!! And I love getting to spend time with him too.

// I've gotten quite a few comments from no-reply bloggers lately and I feel so bad that I can't respond. I always try to find an email, but sometimes I am not successful. It bothers me. I feel rude. So, if you've commented on my blog and you didn't get a respond from me that is most likely why.

// Mason does not bathe every single night. #workingonthatimmunesystem

// I need to step-up my meal-planning game! It's been pathetic lately. There has just been too much going on and planning meals is not on my radar right now. Got any good, quick and easy recipes? Send them my way. My husband will thank you!!

// Since Nate and I got Yeti tumbler cups we have not used any other cup in our house. We bought Mason a 20oz and now that's all that he uses too. I've thought about throwing away all of our other cups because they are just there taking up space in the cabinets. And we don't have tons of cabinet space to begin with. Seriously. But then Nate reminded me that we might have visitors some day and they may need a cup. Can we just keep a pack of solo cups on hand? Kidding. sort of.

// I have eaten a whole bag of Laffy Taffy Jelly beans this week. ugh. Eating your feelings is never a good thing. Never. 

// I was asleep before 8:45 {maybe even before 8:30} yesterday. #oldladystatus But, I am not mad about it. Yesterday was exhausting. 

Also...today I am confessing that I have teamed up with a bunch of my favorite bloggers for a Luck of the Bucks giveaway
How does $150 to Starbucks sound? 

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What are you confessing today?


  1. Let me know if you've tried any of the recipes I posted last week? Hope some of them will work for you guys!Cash doesn't bathe every night either, although with spring & summer coming, I have a feeling that will change.

  2. We definitely don't have our kids bathe every night. School lunch is such a savior! Also, I hate that there's no way to know if you've become a no reply blogger except that Liz kindly emails me to tell me :)

  3. I love that you leave notes in Mason's lunchbox - how sweet! Mila doesn't bathe every night either - her skin gets too dry if we do. Laffy Taffy makes jellybeans?! I had no idea! I need to try those ASAP!

  4. No reply bloggers make me sad!

    So meal planning- I'm lame. I usually plan like three meals for the week. Then the rest is like....breakfast? Sandwiches? Cereal? Popcorn? Order a pizza? lol

  5. Yay!! And I'm totally the opposite about perfect attendance...not even an issue for me! I don't mind pulling the kids out of class to do fun things. Occasionally my grandma used to surprise me and take me out of school for an afternoon of shopping and those were some of my fondest memories as a kid.

  6. Definitely don't bathe my kids every day. It's like an hour long ordeal for Ez, cause once he's in he doesn't want out. And I agree, all the respect to twin mamas. I used to want twins, now I'm kinda thinking I don't get enough sleep as it is.

  7. bathing everyday is overrated =) When Aria was little we did because she liked it, but now all of a sudden there is no time. I feel like if she gets a good hosing out back every few days...good enough, right? haha! I'm only half kidding

  8. The only reason my kiddos are in the bath each night is because it easily eats up 20 minutes. And, confession: that last hour before bed time needs something!
    I think I need to invest in a Yetti. I've heard so many great things about them!

  9. Putting little notes in lunch boxes is something I really look forward to. :) my kids don't gets baths every day eitherZ ehh, sometimes I just don't have the energy. :)

  10. I need one of those Yeti cups that you keep raving about! Where do you get them? Amazon? I'm all for ordering and having it show up at my door step tomorrow lol.
    You're so cute to put love notes in Mason's lunch! Mason's school provides all his food so I don't have that opportunity yet but I do have to admit, I love that I don't have to make him lunch everyday!

  11. Im always amazed by parents who bathe their kids daily because who has time for that?! You poor thing, eating your feelings!!!

  12. I'm dreading when Noah starts real school. We just took him out this past week (means he missed two days lol) and his teacher was like, enjoy it now and take advantage of traveling whenever you want because once they are in real school it's harder to miss days. She says her kids don't want to miss school either.

  13. I never had perfect attendance, hopefully Jude does better than me once he's in school! And I'm terrible at meal planning, it's definitely something I need to work on! And how much do you love your Yeti? I really wanted to get them for me and husband but he thinks I'm crazy!

  14. I love this confessional post! I think I may need to join in this one! I used to be the Mom who always wanted my son to have perfect attendance, too but he's in 7th grade now and has yet to have perfect attendance because life happens. Today he's staying home because he's not feeling well. I don't let him skip but if he's sick then of course he can stay home. Secretly I love these days because I don't have to go anywhere. My dude carries his lunch every day. I make what I can the night before but since he carries his thermos with something hot in it, I can't do that until morning but it makes it so much easier to get everything else ready the night before and I leave him little notes in his lunch box, too!


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