{February in numbers}

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I always see these posts in numbers and love the idea. So, I thought I would try it out for the month of February. Here is what our February looked like:

7 // times I went to the gym. Ooops.

4 // Sundays we attended our new church

24 // number of times Mason was on green at school 

5 // number of times Mason was on red at school

1 // number of birthdays we celebrated

50-75 // number of books we read to Mason 

100 // days of school/Kindergarten was celebrated

3 // DIY projects done 

18 // sunset or sunrise pictures taken

1 // surprise

0 // number of camping or trips. whomp. whomp.

Looking back at my camera reel and my notes it doesn't look like we did a whole lot the month of February, but yet it flew by!! Maybe March will be more exciting. :)

How was your February? Have you ever done a post in numbers?


  1. Such a fun way to recap the month :)! Happy Tuesday!

  2. Such a fun way to recap the month :)! Happy Tuesday!

  3. Yay for numbers recap. You should link up with Deena next Monday. I accidentally did mine too early, oops! And what is green and red? Red being bad? :( How could he be bad...never!

  4. Such a fun recap! I feel like this month flew!


  5. That's a fun idea! I may have to try that in March...except, I may leave off that little part about going to the gym! :)

  6. Love the recap, so fun! I'll give a try next month! xoxo

  7. What a fun way to remember February! :)

  8. Such a fun way to recap and such a fun month!

  9. I love these recaps, I need to remember to do one of my own.
    And, I think your February sounds like it was all sorts of awesome!

  10. I definitely want to do one of these posts... Such a fun way to recap the month! And 1 surprise... You are such a tease! Also loving your new blog header!

  11. What a fun way to share your month!

  12. I love this! Such a fun way to share monthly highlights. :) I may steal it. And you are killing me here girl! HA ha!

  13. 1... surprise?!??! I can't wait to find out!

  14. You keep referencing a surprise and Im d-y-i-n-g to know already!!! :D I love these posts too!

  15. I always like seeing these and I never know how you remember numbers haha. I am not very number oriented so it all goes out of my brain.


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