{Five on Friday // DIY Failure}

{O N E}

Posts from this week...in case you missed it.

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{T W O}

I learned a big lesson this morning...schedule posts ahead of time! Photobucket has been down all morning and I can't get to any of my pictures for this post! And that is why this is posting so late. I've had to upload them one by one from blogger. Such a pain!! One of these days I will get ahead. ;)

{T H R E E}

This article has rocked me to my core! I definitely say things like "hurry up" and "we don't have time for this" far too often. Working diligently to erase those words from my vocabulary!! Because, like she said...

I will not say, «We don’t have time for this.» Because that is basically saying, «We don’t have time to live.»

{F O U R}

Okay, so all of our DIY's are not a complete win. Like this...complete FAILURE!!!

We wanted to paint it to match some other pieces in our living room...like our DIY Farmhouse living room table or this fireplace/mantle that my dad built.

But no. Just no. It looks awful and washed out. We will be redoing this one this weekend.

{F I V E}

I guess I redecorated my porch just in time for this Spring-like weather we are supposed to have this weekend!! I see lots of time spent out in the shop!!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. LOVE your porch. I think your DIY project looks awesome!!! You are so creative. Happy weekend, we are looking forward to the nice spring weather as well!

  2. I wouldn't say your Texas is a fail at all! Happy weekend, lady!

  3. I'm so impressed with your creativity! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  4. I loved your Texas pallet sign! I think it looks great!
    Also, I want to but don't want to read that article now... I say those things far too often too and I'm afraid I'll start crying reading that!

  5. I love your porch! And that article made me stop in my tracks too! I hate that I tell Noah to hurry up so often!

  6. Your front porch makes me want to sit out there drinking sweet tea out of mason jars & soaking in the sun! It's so pretty! I'm with you girlfriend on trying to get ahead in the blogging game. I've got my planner out and am jotting down ideas as they come in tonight. I love the Texas sign, too. I think it turned out perfect!!! I love that you collect Willow Tree figures, too! I love them! Happy Weekend sweet friend!

  7. Your front porch looks adorable!! I don't think the DIY is that much of a fail? Are you just going to change the paint color?

  8. I like the white Texas sign! Maybe it reads differently in person? I wouldnt be too hard on yourself, your like a crafting genius.

  9. Love how your wreath looks! I like the sit project but I agree, it looks a little washed out on the white wall. Going to read the article now!

  10. Love how your wreath looks! I like the sit project but I agree, it looks a little washed out on the white wall. Going to read the article now!

  11. I need to work on saying, "Hurry up," less.
    So, your paler fail would be a success for me! I'm always amazed at what you all create.
    Your porch is the cutest! The pops of red and your turquoise are perfect!

  12. I wouldnt say a complete failure! If your walls weren't so light it would look AMAZING! You'll get it straightened out.

  13. Swooning over your porch! And I don't think your DIY project looks bad at all!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!