{Camping at Beaver's Bend // Dec 2015}

Our Beaver's Bend camping trip was one that I had been looking forward to for months! Beaver's Bend was the 2nd place I ever camped at with Nate and his family {18-19 years ago} and I have been in love with the place ever since. We used to camp there for about a week after Christmas every year. Then we stopped sometime around when Mason was born. We went after Christmas when he was 19 months old {post here} and then again in the Summer of 2013 {post here} and that was it. Until this year.

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We left on the Sunday after Christmas {the 27th} around 10 am. It was a nasty raining mess! And the more we drove the harder the rain came down. We drove through Garland, TX where the tornadoes had hit the night before. I had expected to see some damage and debris, but nothing could have prepared me for what we actually did see. It was heartbreaking and devastating. There was so much debris on the highway, big pieces of metal and roofs hanging from powerlines, remnants of what used to be an apartment complex, cars flipped upside down, etc. It truly looked like something you would see in a movie. Prayers for everyone that was involved.

After over five hours and a few detours due to flooding we finally got to Broken Bow, OK. It normally only takes about 3 hours and 45 minutes. And if I am being completely honest I was in a very, very sour mood. The park we usually stay at {& love} was closed due to flooding, it was raining buckets and freezing cold and I am sitting there wondering why in the world we thought it was a good idea to bring a pup that has to potty outside and a five year old camping in the downpour in Nate's parent's new camper. All I could picture in my mind was the two of them leaving muddy prints from one side of the camper to the next. I was stressing something fierce. And in the end I was stressing for nothing. Spoiler alert - it worked out just fine!!

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It only rained on Sunday and then just a light drizzle on parts of Monday and then the rain was gone. And there is so much tree coverage and fallen leaves that there really wasn't much mud. Praise the Lord!

On Monday morning we got out and drove around a bit to show Michelle {first timer} around the area. We went to see the lake, but the marina was almost under water. It was so crazy flooded! And then we went to the lodge and drove down a dirt road a bit to see the water. Then we tried to go to our favorite parts of Beaver's Bend, but the whole park was closed due to flooding. We were bummed!!

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Tuesday we drove into town to have Mexican food for lunch and then went by Ace Hardware {where I scored some Christmas decor for 75% off}. That evening we went to Girls Gone Wine. It was fabulous!! We did a little wine tasting & shopped. Plus, they had free wi-fi and we all hopped on for a quick 10 minutes to see if we missed anything! Wednesday was Nate's birthday so we kicked it off with breakfast at a little diner in town. It was delicious! And we hit a few antique/boutiques, Ace Hardware {again} and a fun little outdoor store. That evening we went to Grateful Head for pizza for Nate's birthday. It's a tradition for when we're at Beaver's Bend on Nate's birthday! It's such a fun place and the pizza is pretty amazing.

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Though our favorite part of Beaver's Bend was closed the entire time due to flooding, we still had a great time!! It wasn't our usual Beaver's Bend trip which is mostly fishing, driving around the park looking at dear at night, hanging out by the river, hiking by the river, visiting the Indian Hole, etc. We had so much quality family time {with no phone or internet service}, played many games, did some hiking & bike riding, sitting by the fire and best of all...my boy got to be a total and complete boy for a few days. He went on treasure hunts, rode bikes with some older girls, dug in the dirt, collected all kinds of neat rocks, etc.

Beaver's Bend Camping Trip 2015 from Crystal Hall on Vimeo.


  1. How awful for Garland. I don't blame you for stressing, that was some pretty extreme weather you were dealing with, and mom brains are wired to think of every possible worst case scenario, no matter how much we try to relax. Mine is, anyway. Sounds like you guys did a good job adapting and having a great time even with all the flooding.

  2. Confession: I've never been camping. Growing up my family would go but it was during school and I was such a freak about missing school (as in I wouldn't) so I never got the chance to go. I hope to go with Connor this summer!

  3. Awesome! I love camping. Ryan and I used to go all the time before we had kids and I can't wait to take them camping this summer now that Mim's a bit older and can handle it. So much fun!

  4. How much fun!!! I ant to take the kids camping, but tent camping scares me with two kids. You always do the best family vacations!!! Live all the recaps, even if a little late :-)

  5. What a bummer about the weather and flooding! But, it sounds like the trip was totally worth it.
    Also. I'm swooning over that picture of the fire in the grill. Awesome shot!!

  6. Bummer about the weather but I am so glad you made it happen anyways.

    I agree with you nothing prepares you to see devastation like that in person. It is heart wrenching.

    Great photos friend.

  7. I wold have been stressed too! But it looks like you all made the best if it and still enjoyed that family time together.


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