{DIY Burlap Wreath}

Sometime last year I googled "How to make a burlap wreath"...and I've been obsessed/addicted since. I used this video to help get me started. Only two minutes long and very helpful. I have loved making these and changing them up for the seasons. Up until today I have had a Christmas/Winter wreath still on my door. It was time to change it up. I didn't really want to do a Valentine's wreath, so I just went with colors that matched our porch & home. It's one that I can leave up longer and through those shorter 1-day holidays. I did make cute patriot wreath last year that I plan to put out at July 4th.

wreath frame
floral wire
hot glue gun
ribbon, bow or embellishments

I bought all of the materials at Walmart.

I used a medium sized wreath frame {12 inch} and it took almost a whole roll of 30 ft tan burlap, plus about 25 foot of the turquoise burlap. I did pull a lot out of each slot on the frame because I wanted it to look full. So, if you don't want yours to look as full then you wouldn't need so much burlap.

How to:
Start by weaving some floral wire through the start of your burlap and attach it to the wire wreath frame {I found it easier to start at the top slot}.

Then you simply just pull burlap through each slot of the wreath. The video I linked above shows exactly how to do this. Pull more burlap through for fuller wreaths, less if you don't want it so big.

Once you pull through the three slots flip the frame over and twist the burlap a couple of times and then start pulling the burlap through the innermost slot on the frame. Work up through those three slots then flip, twist and start your next set. Repeat until your frame is full of burlap.

 I used two colors for mine. So, when I got to where I wanted to stop with the first color I cut off the excess burlap then used some floral wire to secure the end of it to the frame. Then I just repeated the steps above with the second color of burlap.

Once you are finished with the burlap it's time to embellish! The possibilities are truly endless. I used a metal letter H {for our last name} that I found at Round Top last year and I made a bow out of some burlap and lace ribbon. I attached both with floral wire. In the past, I used a hot glue gun, but when you go to remove it messes up the burlap big time. So, I avoid hot glue if I can. I did use the hot glue gun to make my bow, though, and that's why it's in the materials above.

So easy! I love making these and find them therapeutic in some way. Have you made a burlap wreath? I'd love to see it if so. Actually, if you've made anything out of burlap let me know. I am kind of obsessed.


  1. Adorable! I love the idea of a two-toned wreath. I will be doing that for Spring. I've made one before & it is my year round wreath, unless there's a holiday. :) I'm serious, you & Nate need to start a business!

  2. Oh my goodness it is PERFECT! Looks amazing friend. I LOVE that pop of color.

  3. It looks great! You make it look so easy. I'll have to give it a try soon. The color combo is perfect. xoxo

  4. This looks great! Currently I have a burlap wreath on my door...with nothing on it, seriously, just some burlap on a wreath...I should really get to putting something on it like yours. Great job!

  5. I saw this in your Instagram and I LOVE it!!! I think I am gonna make this my weekend project!

  6. I saw this in your Instagram and I LOVE it!!! I think I am gonna make this my weekend project!

  7. I have thought about attempting to make a burlap wreath, but just haven't done it. After reading this post though, I'm more motivated to give it a try! I need something for my door in these early winter months, it just looks so bare after having wreaths on since July! ha. It looks super cute!

  8. I have found so many cute burlap wreaths on Pinterest that I want to make but I am scared that it's going to be a huge flop. Thanks for the simple step by step tutorial. Maybe I can do this after all.

  9. I love this!!! This is much cuter (and looks easier) than my yarn wreath!

  10. So gorgeous!!! I love all your DIYs though, which I'm sure you know :) You make it look so easy!

  11. I love the color! Such a great wreath for all seasons!


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